Traducción de side view en Español:

side view

vista lateral, n.


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    vista lateral femenino
    vista de costado femenino
    • One possibility is that because the angular difference between the side view and the front views of an object was relatively large, the ‘mental rotation’ necessary to match the two views was more demanding.
    • A side view reveals a long, sloping trapezoid, which quickly changes to a large, floating letter ‘A’ as it turns to the front.
    • A side view of a normal spinal column demonstrates reciprocal curves, beginning with cervical lordosis and then lumbar lordosis.
    • It is important, that the main view for swimming movements, starts and turns is from the side view.
    • The side view of the 2-door is particularly attractive, enhanced by separate fender forms connected by a simulated running board, and flared sills.
    • There's a subtle classiness about the shape, especially in side view, which was never evident in the old car.
    • The game is shown at a normal pace as well as speeded up and in slow motion, and the camera angle occasionally shifts from a side view to full-face close-ups or to a distant, overhead vantage point.
    • The drawing was a side view of us, his left hand on my waist and his right holding my cheek.
    • The logo features a side view of a Thoroughbred and jockey against a blue and black background of the famed Pimlico grandstand, with a Black-Eyed Susan flower and orange sunburst overhead.
    • This is a scanning electron micrograph of the side view of the porous-silicon wafer as tested by the researchers.
    • From the front, the new Megane is a sleek-looking hatchback, but wander around for a side view and be prepared for a surprise.
    • This configuration is made of two cones of light pointing in opposite directions, making an X from a side view.
    • Most of the portraits had the historical personalities facing the viewer, while in some their side view was given.
    • The scene changes to a side view of Zack's helmet.
    • From the side view she could see that he was very well toned.
    • The side view was of plenty of houses standing guard on the sideline with the silhouette of the moon hiding behind the dogwood trees.
    • They blended with the design; from a side view, it was impossible to see them at all.
    • The proportions on the side view are almost what Porsche would really like to achieve.
    • Although this is a night side view, with only a thin crescent receiving direct sunlight, the haze layers are bright from light scattered through the atmosphere.
    • Close, closer; the fish turns sideways and presents me with a perfect side view.