Traducción de side wind en Español:

side wind

viento de costado, n.


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    viento de costado masculino
    • At about kilometer 15 we hit a really windy patch with strong side winds.
    • The field was sure to break up from the stiff side wind and the yo-yo effect that was sure to happen at each turnaround.
    • Explain side winds by pushing the student off course so he or she has to angle against you to get to the other end of the room.
    • To save energy, they soared on tailwinds or side winds.
    • We would be shooting at an outdoor range with a gusty five to 10 mph side wind to make things interesting.
    • They showed that I had a good head wind going south on the first leg, then a light head wind on the leg going west, then a side wind (again from the west) going north east back to Quest.
    • The warning sign for areas with side winds was identified by five per cent of motorists as ‘kite flying area ahead’
    • I was strictly speaking about how side wind affects the arrow's flight.
    • The blustery side winds can upset the car's aerodynamic balance in the fast corners, while a head or a tail wind can affect our choice of gear ratios.
    • On Thursday and Friday, dozens of planes had to divert from Moscow airports to destinations such as Nizhny Novgorod, or were stranded in Moscow due to strong side winds, limited visibility and slippery tarmacs, Interfax reported.
    • John Cobb has done wind tunnel testing on the effect of side winds on frames and wheels.
    • So with the heavy overhead campers you may need to add air bags to the rear axle to lessen the Elvis hip action in side winds.
    • While the wind that came head-on tended to slow their progress, the side winds pushing them into the traffic turned out to be the real enemy.
    • After the climbs we had a strong side wind which is very stressful for the peloton because it can easily break up and riders, or large groups, can get dropped, which happened on numerous occasions today.
    • Around 50 kilometers from the finish we were faced with an even stronger side wind and the peloton formed an echelon.
    • ‘Either the pilot panicked, either there was some side wind or the instruments failed or there was an external factor,’ he said.
    • It self-corrects in side winds and on uneven roads to keep to the intended direction of travel.
    • Having circled the earth twice in an unmanned mode, it landed on an airfield with a very high accuracy despite a very strong side wind.