Traducción de sidewalk en Español:


acera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsaɪdˌwɔk//ˈsʌɪdwɔːk/



  • 1

    acera femenino
    banqueta femenino México
    andén masculino Colombia América Central
    vereda femenino Cono Sur Perú
    • As you know there are still many roads that do not have sidewalks for pedestrians.
    • The sides of buildings were clean and the sidewalks were re-done brilliant white, swept clean of most garbage.
    • The sidewalks are for pedestrians and the streets are for vehicles, not for vendors.
    • He turned his eyes to the street in front of the garage, watching the pedestrians stroll down the sidewalks.
    • Pedestrians are endangered as they must walk along busy roads because sidewalks are taken up with vendors and their carts.
    • Proud old trees stood on the side of a large road, keeping the sidewalks in calming shade.
    • Riding on sidewalks and bike paths may also pose greater hazards to walkers and joggers.
    • One suggestion involved paving sidewalks on the Route Verte, the provincial bike path.
    • Taxes help maintain roads and sidewalks, buy textbooks for schools, and pay for other programs.
    • Slowly, the building grew farther apart, the roads larger, and sidewalks less common.
    • It had snowed recently so there was snow on the sides of the roads and sidewalks.
    • A lot of the lower level roads and sidewalks along the water were closed.
    • There's nothing here but flat land, roads without sidewalks, and an ugly green water tower.
    • The sidewalks were empty of pedestrians in a city where walking is both a pastime and a necessity.
    • Cuts in the infrastructure maintenance force roads into disrepair and sidewalks to crumble.
    • If there are no sidewalks, walk on the side of the road facing traffic.
    • Safe sidewalks and bike paths can turn short trips to school, work or the store into beneficial activities.
    • Vancouver and Coquitlam allow boarding and skating on sidewalks and minor roads.
    • It was a nice road with old brick and stone buildings with cobblestone roads and sidewalks.
    • She stopped on the sidewalk as a small boutique on the other side of the street caught her eye.