Traducción de sift en Español:


tamizar, v.

Pronunciación /sɪft//sɪft/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (flour/sugar) tamizar
    (flour/sugar) cernir
    (flour/sugar) cerner
    (sprinkle) espolvorear
    • In the dusk a fine snow of mosquitoes sifted through the candlelight.
    • Nastasha's head rose and fell with the large intakes of air with each of his burly breaths, the fumes of the lime-laced vodka sifting through his nostrils.
    • More silence followed, more sand sifted through my fingers.
    • When ready to serve, sift confectioners' sugar on top and slice like a pie.
    • Coal dust sifts through her hair, invading eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • Snow was sifting down at Tiffindell ski resort near Rhodes yesterday morning, adding to over 25 cm which had fallen since Friday.
    • Allow to cool slightly, then sift or spread brown sugar evenly over the top.
    • Crex rugs were lighter than conventional, woven rugs, easy to clean (dirt simply sifted through), and cheaper.
    • At that instant, sand began to sift out of the cracks between the stones in the wall behind Regis and accumulate on the floor.
    • So press your seed into the soil and then sift over them lightly some sandy soil or even just fine sand.
    • Sprinkle or sift 1/2 tsp. powdered sugar on top of each, then drizzle with lemon juice.
    • Diamonds sparkle in the radiance of my headlamp as snow sifts from an ebony sky.
    • She sprayed a gentle mist of elegant perfume, one dash on her neck, another sifting onto her cascading hair, and another for her wrists.
    • Its massive back pushed up against the ceiling; the wooden timbers groaned and dust sifted down, making Rafe cough.
    • The room was dark, and for a moment he did not know where he lay; then the memories began to sift back into his mind, like sand falling through an hourglass.
    • Join together and sift icing sugar over the top.
    • Watch any good fell runner descending from a summit and it's like sand sifting through an egg timer.
  • 2

    (facts/evidence) pasar por el tamiz
    (evidence/facts) pasar por la criba
    • Having retired from the school last summer, he is now beginning the laborious process of sifting through his enormous archive and is writing a history of the period.
    • You will find information on the specific techniques that different search engines use to sift their data into the most effective lists.
    • Rummaging through a small compartment next to her, she began to sift through old cards and small papers that she might need later on.
    • The more I delved into sifting the reliable from the unreliable, the deeper I dropped into the well of discovery.
    • For this reason, post-publication review is very important to sifting good theory from bad.
    • Greg steps forwards and begins to sift through the clothes.
    • Planning time for teachers was established, and we began to sift through the resource materials and supply closet.
    • She turned to her paper work and began to sift through the information, taking notes and reminding herself to talk to Nathan about certain things.
    • Tristyn picked up the pile and began to sift through the letters one by one, setting the bills in one pile for her next call with her mother, her mother's personal mail and her own.
    • I poured myself some orange juice as Aurora began to sift through the cupboards for pancake mix.
    • It is the combined mass of efforts of journalists, and their analyses that sift the truth from the many layers of untruths, that provide the world information that it can act upon.
    • There is a process of sifting and screening among MPs and frontbenchers which provides an informal shortlist of possible leaders.
    • I crouched on the floor and dumped the contents of the waste basket out in front of me and began to sift through it.
    • Lord Hutton was asked to do a specific job: to take evidence, sift it, and reach conclusions.
    • He was in Europe preparing for the Commonwealth Games and I was at home sifting and sorting through his personal belongings and boxing them up.
    • I'm having the most enormous fun sifting through the mound of accumulated poems and haiku, bringing order and accord where there was none.
    • They sifted through more than 4,000 poems before drawing up a shortlist of the 12 finalists.
    • As he sifts through the works of scientists, naturalists, composers and poets, Rothenberg performs intellectual contortions in an attempt to assemble or establish a unified theory of why birds sing.
    • The conventional wisdom can change as new evidence is sifted through.
    • Three quarters of that was spent sifting choices down to twelve of my favourite songs and favourite songwriters.

verbo intransitivo

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    we'll have to sift through all the applications carefully vamos a tener que pasar todas las solicitudes por el tamiz / la criba