Traducción de sigh en Español:


suspirar, v.

Pronunciación /sʌɪ//saɪ/

verbo intransitivo

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    to sigh for sth/sb suspirar por algo/algn
    • to sigh with sth
    • he sighed with relief/contentment suspiró aliviado/satisfecho
    • the wind sighed in the trees el viento susurraba entre los árboles
    • All he could hear was the wind sighing in the trees and the soft lap of water against the wall surrounding the lake.
    • Barth stood a while in the world of mirrored light, his angry breath calmed with the lilting and sighing of the slow wind.
    • A breeze sighed through the branches and we came to a glade, a secret place of fir and silver birch.
    • For those of you still sighing for what once was, there's also the bonus material, a handful of live tracks from each Queens lineup.
    • The words she remembered said, ‘My heart cries for you, sighs for you, dies for you.’
    • The heat is not too oppressive, because of the breezes that sigh in from the cool, sparkling Atlantic waters of Table Bay.
    • Film buffs in Thrissur, tired of watching classics in the DVD format at art house shows, have been sighing for that matchless experience - seeing the magic unfold on the silver screen.
    • The wind sighs in the trees, shushing me to sleep.
    • The only sound is the scratching of a crow and the sighing of wind through the trees.
    • The joys of rereading might have offered Mallarme a stronger antidote to his ennui than sighing for distant, exotic lands.
    • No harm in it so long as we reserve that precious moment to stand quietly and, when appropriate, give a little sigh for those who are no longer here, who can no longer join in the fun.
    • The wind sighs in the antlers of a few static deer, a coyote howls.
    • The girl could hear the leaves of the trees outside rustle and sigh in the gentle breeze.
    • The constant wind that hugs the hill-side seems to sigh at the memory.


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    suspiro masculino
    to heave a sigh dar un suspiro
    • At Joel's silent answer, Jesse sighed a sigh of regret and anger.
    • She heaves a loud, exasperated sigh, and obviously decides it's futile to argue with me.
    • Passengers waiting on the platform breathe a collective sigh of exasperation.
    • The creature let out what sounded like a tired sigh, dropping down on her haunches.
    • You could almost hear the disappointed sighs echoing around the audience.
    • Fischer heaved a deep, weary sigh and rested his chin in his hands.
    • Alya breathed a heavy sigh of contentment as she washed herself with the wonderfully warm water.
    • Klay looked at her and let out a sigh that sounded more like a yawn.
    • I sank back in the hot water with a grateful sigh and closed my eyes as the tendrils of steam wound their way across the surface of the pool.
    • She continued to improve and her family heaved a sigh of relief and started limping back towards normalcy.
    • He let an exasperated sigh escape his lips, what had he done now?
    • I heard a loud frustrated sigh on the other end of the door and a loud banging sound.
    • They looked at each other for a moment, and then Lisa let out a sigh of what sounded like frustration.
    • With a sigh of resignation Matt turned the key and they drove off.
    • This time, my mother sighed, and although it's hard to tell from a sigh, she sounded angry.
    • The boy stifled a sigh of annoyance but told himself to remain patient.
    • He gave off a sigh that sounded like a grumble, but Stephanie didn't seem to have noticed.
    • With a sigh of defeat, Razi rose and motioned for Iola to lead.
    • He raises his head, looks at me, then makes a sound that is something between a sigh and a moan.
    • I don't expect you to run wailing through the streets but couldn't you rustle up a small sigh of regret?