Hay 2 traducciones principales de signal en Español

: signal1signal2


señal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪɡnəl//ˈsɪɡn(ə)l/


  • 1

    (agreed sign, indication)
    señal femenino
    the busy signal el tono / la señal de comunicando España
    • wait till I give (you) the signal espera a que te dé la señal
    • to send/receive a signal enviar/recibir una señal
    • to call the signals llamar las señales
    • I call the signals around here aquí yo soy quien llevo la voz cantante
    • Casey's head snapped around and she grabbed Alex, making the signal for ‘stop and listen’ with her free hand.
    • Noor, in typical logical mode, made a soft hissing noise with her teeth, the signal for any motion to halt gradually but fast.
    • Trouble signals are indicated when a detector becomes too ‘dirty’ to properly function.
    • Fire alarm signals must be distinctive in sound from other signals.
    • His first shot would be the signal for the rest of his team to open fire.
    • Tired, grumpy, she waved her hand as a signal for me to come in.
    • Stress signals indicated that he needed to create a more balanced life, to keep divorce and a heart attack at bay.
    • One possible benefit of mate choice occurs if females can use male courtship signals as an honest indicator of male nutritional contributions at mating, nuptial gifts.
    • When the emergency is over and the all-clear signal is sounded, remember that outside air is still contaminated.
    • Jumping onto a table, Crush raised her hands in the air as a signal for her friends to stop they were doing; she watched as they obliged, halting their food war.
    • The Prince halted and held up his arm in a signal for the others to stop.
    • The earlier signals which hinted at the emergence of fiscal prudence, quickly faded out.
    • This indicates the need for a clear signal to be given early in the New Year that rates are coming down.
    • When the stressful situation ends, hormonal signals switch off the stress response and the body returns to normal.
    • Rather than rely on conversation, develop hand signals and subtle sounds to communicate with hunting partners while walking or rattling in the woods.
    • Most people probably regard smiling, frowning and other such external signals of emotion as gestures that give expression to internal feelings, which come first.
    • Valeo says it can customize the system to notify the driver in other ways, perhaps by sound or a signal on the instrument panel.
    • A signal was sounded in Post Offices across the country and customers were asked to join staff in remembering the dead and injured.
    • This gesture was a signal to his kids that he loved them.
    • The data on rising earnings comes amid conflicting signals about the job situation for technology professionals in the United States.
    • She didn't fall too badly and merely got rather wetter than originally planned, but this was the signal for our party to exit the fountain and attempt to dry off.
    • Several days later, spotting the crow's nest of the ship over the headland of Cape Evans, they lit a fire as a signal for the ship to steam back and pick them up.
    • But if his signals indicate romance is a no-go, change the channel on your emotions by hanging out more often with other friends.
    • Pools of all sizes tested gave positive signals indicating that all the pool sizes are amenable for the PCR assay.
    • We have detected signals indicative of hydrothermal activity in several areas, including both basins.
    • It's too early to predict what might happen in the case of nanotechnology, but early signals indicate Congress is eager to tie strings to funding.
    • The figures provided positive signals on the state of the economy, with tax receipts from wages, consumer spending and stamp duty all ahead.
    • That is a strong signal of the positive move of the SARS situation.
    • A signal is then produced indicating that the structure is complete and the scaffolding protein detaches to be used again in making other virus tails.
    • She made a signal for him to stop as Mary kept on talking.
    • That may indicate that incoming pain signals are being delivered by the spinal cord in a similar way for different people, but once they arrive in the brain they are handled differently.
    • So we waited for either John our floor warden to let us know what we should do, or for an evacuation signal to sound.
    • Yet that kind of balanced lending is something which bankers who operate without market signals have yet to show much finesse for without clear direction from above.
    • With hand signals, she gestured for the rest of the team to follow her into the next hallway, which would lead to the first floor staircase.
    • About 20 minutes later mission control erupted in cheers, hugs and tears when a signal from the craft indicated it was still functioning.
    • This instruction was a sound signal by a pager, randomly activated by the experimenter via the telephone.
    • Anna raised her hand in a signal for Justine to stop.
    • Education Leeds assistant chief executive Roland Absalom said it was a clear signal that the situation was improving.
    • Misreading signals can be disastrous in these situations.
    • Controllers had seen a signal indicating a possible problem with the capsule's heat shield, so I was advised to keep the retrorocket pack attached to hold the heat shield in place.
  • 2

    señal femenino
    • At one point, we had to stop at an interlocking and the dispatcher couldn't clear the signal because of the train ahead.
    • Mitchell said police had yet to determine whether the railway signals and gates were working at the time of the crash.
    • By the time they finally achieved rail lock on the bridge and the signals had cleared, there were five southbound trains stuck behind the bridge coming from New York.
    • At the Hayward's Heath accident in 1973 the driver misread the signals and drove his loopline train on to the main line and it was struck from behind by an express.
    • The strike will affect repairs and fault finding in areas such as signals, train network and level crossings.
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    señal femenino
    a weak signal una señal débil
    • These units may be placed in either homes or businesses to receive and transmit a wireless broadband signal.
    • A fit or seizure happens when there is a brief change or break in the way cells normally send and receive these electrical signals.
    • It served as a transmission station to send and receive radio signals from Europe, South America and The United States.
    • The dishes send and receive signals off an orbiting network relay, which transmits messages to and from a central data center.
    • The development of the electromagnet about 1837 provided the American Samuel F. B. Morse with a way to transmit and receive electric signals.
    • Each cell has a base station that transmits and receives signals over just a small fraction of the frequencies to which the network operator has access.
    • In the past, the electrodes transmitted the electrical signal by wires to a receiver and amplifier, and the results were recorded on a continuous roll of paper.
    • The pump activated once it received the electrical signal.
    • Each antenna, starting at a different moment, sends out its own signals on regular radio waves.
    • Speech and other sounds are sent to the speech processor where they are converted into electrical signals and sent to the transmitting coil.
    • The implants receive electrical signals from a camera positioned outside the body.
    • We are using radio wave signals, so we need to be high up to have a clear view - radio waves lose about 60 per cent of their power when they hit a wall.
    • These electrical signals send electrical impulses across the skin to an implanted receiver/stimulator in the shoulder to the electrode leads in the arm and hand.
    • These tags transmit and receive radio signals to and from nearby scanners.
    • Marconi was the first to use electromagnetic waves to transmit signals 101 years ago.
    • Because the signal is transmitted over radio waves, others can listen in to any transmissions, so the authentication mechanisms are also visible.
    • Cochlear implants transmit electrical signals from the inner ear to the brain, which interprets them as sound.
    • These chips feature an antenna to transmit and receive radio signals.
    • Underlying every thought and bodily motion are nerve and muscle cells sending or receiving electrical signals.
    • The problem is that forks in the electrical grid reflect broadband signals and thereby degrade transmission.

verbo transitivosignalling, signalled, signaling

  • 1

    her resignation signaled the end of an era su dimisión señaló / marcó el final de toda una época
    • After this fun, a foghorn sounded to signal the beginning of a ‘self-guided’ walking tour.
    • Finally, the gun sounded again, signaling the last lap of the race.
    • Several metrics likely signaled declining performance and the need to reduce headcount.
    • A small bell tinkled above my head, the sound signaling my arrival.
    • For the best part of a century, that clanging sound signalled the abrupt end of an English night out.
    • In fact I was almost sad when the bell sounded signalling the end of lunch.
    • Caelyn was grateful when the last bell sounded, signaling the end of school for another day and another week.
    • In the background the drums sounded signaling the end of the dance.
    • In the third frame, the two clubs combined for four goals before the horn sounded to signal the end of the game.
    • She recognized the sound - it signalled a weapons lock-on.
    • A blip sounded off signaling the entry of an intruder.
    • The sounds of approaching footsteps signaled the return of the other tourists.
    • Dallas seemed to indicate a free-kick but his assistant, Derek Lowe, signalled that the offence had been inside the area.
    • In measures 68 and 69, an A-major chord, the dominant of the key, is sounded, signaling the end of the piece.
    • ‘Students, please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance,’ the loud speaker sounded, signaling the beginning of the announcements.
    • Finally the gong sounded, signaling the end of Mihradi's shift.
    • He lifted his head at the sound of voices signalling attention.
    • The sound of crunching leaves signals the closeness of the man and soon enough, the driver's door opens.
    • Counselors need to understand that the sound of sirens may signal danger to them.
    • A horn sounded, signalling the arrival of Peter's opponent.
  • 2

    she signaled a left turn señalizó / indicó que iba a doblar a la izquierda
    • His report also states that the defendant vehicle signaled and turned left onto Orenda.
    • Kate whipped her Chevy Cavalier into the driveway without signaling as angry motorists honked and yelled obscenities at her.
    • While making a right turn at any turning off a main road, you are advised to signal, wait for other vehicles and check your rear view mirror.
    • When turning into the second of two junctions which are close to each other, the driver should not signal until he has passed the first junction.
    • Just as I was beginning to worry that my tow truck would never appear, a truck signalled off the highway and came to a stop right behind.
    • It may be a split second of indecision at a roundabout, a moment's inattention while pulling out of a parking space, a failure to spot another driver signalling.
    • That may lead to the issue of whether he was simply following this tractor trailer too closely or whether, in fact, if the tractor trailer wasn't signaling.
    • Don't expect other vehicles to signal their intentions - indicators don't necessarily mean they want to turn.
    • ‘Many do not have any road sense, do not know what and how to signal with hand and are totally indifferent to vehicles in their front and back’.
  • 3EEUU

    hacerle señas a
    hacerle una seña a
    he signaled her for the check le hizo señas/una seña para que le trajera la cuenta
    • At 8: 00 a.m. a rocket sounds off, signaling that the bulls are on the street, and a hush fails over the crowd.
    • The captain nodded a little bit as his body swayed gently as a locking sound went through the entire ship signaling that all was secure and the ship was now pressurizing itself.
    • Today, when I was leaving work, a woman who works in the division that my department supports signalled me over.
    • A tone sounded, signaling that the next shift should come to the bridge immediately.
    • A glance towards his father signaled he was ready.
    • Cody makes a stupid buzzing sound signaling I had gotten the answer wrong.
    • My first thought was that mother would wave her hand signalling me down to her.
    • Motioning for her to stay around the corner until he signalled, Paris walked towards Blair's cell.
    • The car gave a small beeping sound to signal that it was open.
    • Settling into his chair, the king waved vaguely at the man to signal him that he could read his missive.
    • The bell sounds, signaling that this particular day of school has officially come to a close.
    • She stopped at the end of the sidewalk and waited for the sound that signaled she could cross the street.
    • He and the other men would fly until after dusk, hoping survivors might be trying to signal with a fire.
    • Madoka's father must have handed the parking attendant a tip ahead of time with instructions to signal when Madoka and her mother arrived.
    • Claire no sooner had entered the EMS station that the bell sounded, signaling that they were needed somewhere to help somebody.
    • After what seemed like an eternity to Jalen, the hunting horn sounded, signaling in the hunt's end.
    • You want to signal him that you're going to leave - but the room is too loud.
    • Somewhere in the distance a bell sounded, signaling that the break was half over.
    • A buzzer sounded, signaling that the battle was over.
    • It is an error-free link to the application; it will either give good data or keep trying to get good data until it signals that the link is down.

verbo intransitivosignalling, signalled, signaling

  • 1

    hacer señas/una seña
    to signal to sb hacer(le) señas/una seña a algn
    • she signaled to us to leave nos hizo señas/una seña para que nos fuéramos
    • to signal for sth
    • he signaled for quiet hizo una seña para que la gente se callara
  • 2

    poner el intermitente
    poner la direccional México Colombia
    poner el señalizador Cono Sur
    he turned right without signaling dobló a la derecha sin poner la direccional México Colombia
    • she signaled for a right turn señalizó que iba a doblar a la derecha

Hay 2 traducciones principales de signal en Español

: signal1signal2


señalado, adj.



  • 1

    (achievement/service) señalado
    (achievement/service) insigne
    (achievement/service) destacado
    (characteristic) señalado
    (characteristic) notable
    (failure) rotundo
    • The ability to create brilliant work over a long period of time is the signal characteristic of Bob Dylan's genius.
    • You can understand why I would have assumed it was Jeffrey Hudson, but all this is a signal lesson as to why you shouldn't jump to such obvious conclusions and look for alternative explanations.
    • One of the signal developments of the past few years is the near-incestuous absorption of media firms by one another.
    • Irony is of signal importance in English humour, in everything from radio comedy to literature.
    • The signal orange color of the shirt was chosen for the same reason it is used where caution is required - it's the most visible color in person, on camera, and on video.
    • To some the signal importance of that event was eclipsed by another aspect of the morning's ceremonies.
    • Irfan Habib, an eminent Marxist historian, is known for his signal contribution to the study of medieval India and the making of the modern Indian state.
    • It was not until near the end of Freud's life that he began to appreciate the signal importance of the infant's relationship with the mother.
    • Although of signal importance in itself, even the characteristic dominance must be seen as a by-product of serum testosterone.
    • In recent years, the signal failures of those systems to reverse years of misguided teachings appear to be dooming the region to years of further conflict.