Traducción de signboard en Español:


letrero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌɪnbɔːd//ˈsaɪnbɔrd/


  • 1

    (of business)
    letrero masculino
    • Leaning against the wall she reached forward to pull the vertical blinds apart, her eyes perusing the gaudy blues, pinks and yellows of the buzzing neon signboards that seemed to reproduce overnight along the strip.
    • There is a statutory mandate to display signboards and also to affix labels on liquor bottles containing the warning that alcohol consumption is injurious to health.
    • Renovated bus shelters with glow signboards came up at many places, cement dustbins that were once overflowing with garbage gave way to a new method of door-to-door collection of waste.
    • Officers also requested business operators who place their signboards in the public areas to ensure that the signs do not become an eyesore or obstruct pedestrian walkways.
    • The signboard with its peeling paint and the cheerless showroom near the Overbridge, with a modest collection of handicrafts in wood is not something that would catch your eye.
    • The signboards of coppersmiths and grain shops still swing in the wind, reminding tourists of their history, but the doors are tightly closed.
    • Shops and other business premises are extremely well maintained and fronts and signboards give a good quality to the town.
    • In England he learned to work with his hands and do physical labour, painting signboards and doing assorted jobs.
    • Lo said prospective retailers were persuaded to pay aggressive rents because of the huge intangible benefits attributed to the marketing of their products to a massive group of shoppers by virtue of the signboards and the shop itself.
    • In the past it looks as if the planners had turned a blind eye to what must have seemed small detail, such as plastic windows, aggressive lighting, advertising signboards, etc.
    • After the inspection the mayor told the press that he agreed there were some rapacious shop and bar owners in both streets that have selfishly put up their signboards, tables, and chairs in the public zones and footpaths.
    • And in some places legislation has been enacted to ensure that the local language is used in signboards and hoardings.
    • The team members wear goofy cowboy outfits and hold up a signboard to advertise their goods for sale whenever a train passes by.
    • The shop doesn't even have a noticeable signboard.
    • Far away from cluttered skylines of big cities are tiny towns known for the magic of their looms or the beauty of their paintings that are usually only fleeting signboards on the highway.
    • Oil companies too followed it up with similar warnings and issued a directive that retail fuel stations educate consumers about the danger of using mobile phones inside petrol pumps through leaflets and display signboards.
    • Get past the main gate and well-laid out roads, wide footpaths, neat walkways leading to apartments and clearly painted signboards greet you.
    • The bureau will aim to promote further ‘internationalization’ of Tokyo's Haneda airport and more signboards and pamphlets written in foreign languages.
    • The Indian countryside could soon be dotted with scores of signboards of new branches set up by the nine new private sector banks.
    • People also felt the strong Western influence in the four types of signage in foreign languages that were erected around the city - street names, traffic direction signs, shop signboards and billboards.
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    (on guidepost)
    señal femenino
    • Automated traffic lights and traffic signboards have been installed at the Priyadarshini Children's Park here, to create awareness among children about traffic rules, lights and signs.
    • The signboards have instructions within the red circle, such as ‘follow traffic rules’, ‘don't cut yellow line ’, which is not sanctioned by convention.
    • Do not park vehicles in a manner that obstructs traffic or obscure the view of traffic signboards.
    • There is not even a signboard that indicates the dangerous zone ahead.
    • Traffic signboards are blatantly misused for sticking posters and bills.