Traducción de significance en Español:


importancia, n.

Pronunciación /sɪɡˈnɪfɪk(ə)ns//sɪɡˈnɪfɪkəns/


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    importancia femenino
    trascendencia femenino
    relevancia femenino
    to attach significance to sth darle importancia a algo
    • it's of no significance no tiene ninguna importancia
    • The work was incomplete at the time of his death but it is still a work of the greatest significance in the theory of probability.
    • The significance of this idea for the development of science from the first beginnings to the present day has been immense.
    • But he fails to articulate a clear position on any issue of major public significance.
    • Since its inception, radio has had a particular symbolic significance attached to it.
    • This could help the country promote its own agenda on issues of significance on the world stage.
    • They were no doubt too busy but ill-advised as to the proper significance of such a distinguished visitor.
    • It is the breadth and the quality of Kelvingrove's hoard that gives the museum international significance.
    • Mr Jordan said it was important electors appreciate the significance of the new arrangements.
    • Electoral reform is not an issue of significance to the wider electorate.
    • Despite speculation to the contrary, the compensation issue is of limited significance.
    • All committal hearings are proceedings of significance and importance.
    • Further evaluation is needed to be able to assess the biological significance of these findings.
    • Mr Suzuki said the coup issue has special significance for the union movement.
    • We now come to the importance and significance of science in human affairs.
    • In many cultures, water is not just a necessity of life, it has a deep spiritual significance, too.
    • The significance of these results is discussed in terms of models for replication restart.
    • "This is arguably the most important building in terms of Heritage significance in the main street of Alstonville.
    • Because of its representative nature the Memorial should be recognized as a site of national heritage significance.
    • The significance of the imports is that those books are priced much lower.
    • Nevertheless, it is an important precedent with wider significance in environmental law.