Traducción de silent en Español:


silencioso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌɪlənt//ˈsaɪlənt/


  • 1

    (noiseless, still)
    (forest/night) silencioso
    • The valley that had been echoing with battle cries, shouted orders and loud curses fell strangely silent.
    • The silent auction of 39 works raised more than $50,000 of the total.
    • The approach to Broad Street was silent but for the sound of a beating drum.
    • They moved silently, without a sound, as silent as a butterfly.
    • The cave was silent except for the sound of his own breathing.
    • The night was silent but for the sound of the raging storm moving closer.
    • The classroom is silent except for the sound of crackling parchment paper and Lang's occasional suggestion.
    • They were supposed to do a half-hour of silent reading and write about it, but only a handful brought books.
    • The place was silent, the only sound to be heard coming from the kitchen where the cook readied the evening's fare before the after work rush started.
    • The room was silent, not the sound of breathing interrupted the quiet, not the sound of crickets, not even it seemed the wind outside the window.
    • The room was completely silent other than the sound of dripping water from a corner of the room.
    • After his departure there was silence from his lover - she didn't return letters and her phone was silent.
    • The room was completely silent for a moment.
    • Breakfast was almost silent; the only sound the clanking of the bowls.
    • Still the present silent ruins speak of their rich glorious past which we are all proud of.
    • The courtyard was silent except for the sound of falling water, the fountain and the rain.
    • The next morning I woke up to the sound of a silent house.
    • The five minute car ride was silent all the way back to the hotel.
    • He waved his hand slightly and the clock fell apart, its pieces clattering to the floor, adding sound to the once silent room.
    • The house was dead silent, the only sound Piper's feet on the stairs.
  • 2

    (not speaking)
    she was silent for a moment se quedó callada un momento
    • the hall fell silent se hizo silencio en la sala
    • he asked us to be silent nos pidió que nos calláramos / que hiciéramos silencio
    • you have the right to remain silent no está obligado a contestar
    • we must remain silent during the ceremony debemos guardar silencio durante la ceremonia
    • the administration remained silent over the affair el gobierno no rompió su silencio sobre el asunto
    • the law is silent on this matter la ley no se pronuncia en esta materia
    • a silent order una orden religiosa que observa voto de silencio
    • a silent movie una película muda
  • 3

    (prayer) silencioso
    (gesture/protest) mudo
    he gave a silent cheer —¡hurra! —dijo para sí
    • He'd been toying with the idea since 1947, with a piece of music he called ‘A silent prayer.’
    • As the kids and I huddled together on the floor in the basement I sent up a silent prayer of thanks that we were all safe and basically in good spirits.
    • A man was running, his mouth working silent screams of anguish and despair.
    • He buries his head in my shoulder, his own shaking with silent sobs.
    • However, this thought flitted away as quickly as it had come, settling back into a large, unobserved pile of silent doubts.
    • I sent a silent prayer for someone to watch over me.
    • They made it sound so easy, yet Fox was filled with so many silent doubts.
    • She knew that this wasn't the safest thing in the world to do, but after saying a quick, silent prayer, she felt much more relaxed and safe.
    • It is a common occurrence to see the fans of baseball's Tampa Bay Devil Rays shut their eyes, either in silent prayer or to escape the sight of another humbling defeat.
    • Fann's 5th-grade child has often written down Chou's name in silent reminiscence.
    • More than 100 people congregated in the Westbury House Gardens, Bradford on Avon for an hour of silent prayer.
    • As he wrote, he gave silent thanks to the people who'd invented the helmet.
    • The relatives and close friends sit in the same room as the deceased and maintain a silent prayer vigil throughout the night until morning.
    • It was a day when silent thoughts spoke loudly and tears told their own sad story.
    • In the past hour he had been growing progressively weaker, subject to minutes of silent pain, and Falnec was getting more and more worried.
    • He argued such doubts after a few seconds of silent reflection.
    • The New Year eve celebrations may be marked by glitzy electric displays and noisy parties at one end and silent prayers for peace and harmony at the other.
    • After a moment of silent contemplation I realised that he was whispering my name.
    • She sat with her knees together, hands clasped in silent prayer.
    • Mikah, dragged out of the room and into the hallway before he had time to protest, kept his doubts silent.
  • 4

    (consonant) mudo
    the 'h' is silent la hache es muda
    • The present study investigated how children spell words that contain silent consonants as their final letter.
    • If you flip it to level 2, all it does is put into a slightly fainter form, those letters that are silent, which is quite a handy little guide.
    • Children and learners of the language are confused by the number of silent letters in Gaelic, especially those which are in the middle of words and which have no good reason to be there.
    • How do you spell a long word with silent letters?
    • This means they spell words the way that they sound, missing out silent letters and not following spelling rules.
    • The initial letter in Bart Goor's surname is silent.