Traducción de silicon chip en Español:

silicon chip

pastilla de silicio, n.


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    pastilla de silicio femenino
    • Moore's Law states that the transistor density of a silicon chip will double every two years, allowing a corresponding increase in processor speed.
    • Professor Warwick has already experimented with a silicon chip transponder surgically implanted in his arm to determine the likelihood of a future with implant technology.
    • Diamonds can also resist voltages up to around 200 volts, compared to around 20 volts for a silicon chip.
    • To make the mirrors, researchers at the University of California, San Diego etched each side of a silicon chip so that one side appeared green and the other red.
    • Chips are now so small that atomic-level defects on a silicon chip can cause power leakage up to 100 times the normal level, he said.
    • MicroVue's display consists of a silicon chip with more than a million pixels etched onto its surface.
    • A current example is a digital camera on a chip that includes the imager, all control electronics, and an analog-to-digital converter - all on the same silicon chip.
    • The silicon chip is the backbone of the semiconductor industry.
    • Each processor is constructed on a single silicon chip, so the supercomputer is essentially 12, 288 interconnected chips.
    • The research group of California Institute of Technology biophysicist Stephen Quake has built a silicon chip that can function as a mini chemistry lab.
    • Hitachi has developed a silicon chip for security applications so small that it can even be embedded in money.
    • Much of our electronics could soon be replaced by photonics, in which beams of light flitting through microscopic channels on a silicon chip replace electrons in wires.
    • They had to devise a mathematical model of how the hippocampus performs under all possible conditions, build that model into a silicon chip, and then interface the chip with the brain.
    • A silicon chip now in development could help restore the short-term memories of people suffering from strokes, epilepsy or Alzheimer's disease.
    • Cell phones have at least two chips - a nonsilicon one for processing wireless transmissions, and a silicon chip for everything else.
    • Patients would be able to administer the vaccine themselves by pressing a silicon chip embedded with 400 microscopic needles onto the back of their hand for a few seconds.
    • Scientists have developed the first artificial region of the brain - a silicon chip that mimics an area that controls memory, mood and awareness.
    • In 1998, Warwick shocked the international science community when he had a silicon chip transponder surgically implanted into his arm.
    • Meanwhile, the British have also developed a silicon chip, called Bookmark, that broadcasts a unique radio frequency which can be tracked with a simple radio receiver.
    • Moore remains sceptical that nanotechnology will replace the silicon chip.