Traducción de silver birch en Español:

silver birch

abedul, n.


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    abedul masculino
    • Much of the trail is in woodland: oak, ash, silver birch and magnificent beech trees line the route.
    • Many silver birch and pine trees were planted to frame important views toward the house, and they are now reaching maturity.
    • Mature chestnut, beech, sycamore, silver birch and laurel trees are dotted around the property and ensure privacy and seclusion without interfering with the views.
    • Large pine trees were left standing but smaller silver birch and beech trees were chopped down.
    • Guilt was replaced by the pleasure of the path, the coppiced hazel, the fallen silver birch rotting in their bark and fuelling the ecology, the willows, sedges and the bulbs about to burst.