Traducción de silver fir en Español:

silver fir

abeto blanco, n.


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    abeto blanco masculino
    abeto plateado masculino
    • He notes carefully the distinctive qualities of particular specimens of goldcup oak, Douglas spruce, yellow pine, silver fir, and sequoia.
    • From the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Florida, where the red mangrove presides, to Olympic National Park in Washington, home of the Pacific silver fir, our public lands are a great place to grow up if you want to be a champ.
    • The Olympics are also home to the biggest western hemlock, subalpine and Pacific silver fir, Alaska-cedar, and Englemana spruce.
    • The site is in the Dinaric region and is typical of silver fir/beech forests in Slovenia.
    • Turning inland again, we went towards Daisetsuzan National Park, where we walked in a graceful forest of birch and silver fir close to Lake Shikaribetsu.