Traducción de silvery en Español:


argentino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪlv(ə)ri//ˈsɪlv(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (laugh/voice) argentino literario
    • She laughed her silvery laugh.
    • She hummed to herself in a sweet, silvery voice.
    • She spoke that one word, which commanded acknowledgement and attention, but still managed to sound silvery and sleek.
    • He felt the familiar glow rise once more in his stomach at the sound of the silvery laughter.
    • She stopped for a moment, then broke out in silvery, childlike laughter.
    • Katherine laughed, her silvery laugh echoing in the silent night.
    • I let out a silvery laugh which echoed through the courtyard.
    • Sure, she and partner Pete McCracken have a way around melody that's as silvery and clear as cold water.
    • Horace Andy takes control of the sound system with his silvery vocals.
    • Cult mezzo Magdalena Kozena and silvery soprano Carolyn Sampson sound gorgeous, but are on the cool side as Paris and Cupid respectively.
    • In the responsive acoustic of Kendal's United Reformed Church the silvery sound of the massed flute choir could be appreciated to the full.
    • I wonder if he laughed the tinkling silvery laugh which was one of the things that had got [him] so disliked by the better element.
    • She laughed, a silvery tinkling sound clearer than any bell.
    • He was only several feet from his destination when light, silvery laughter rang out behind him.
    • He heard a silvery, feminine laugh nearby and turned to see who it was.
    • Bonney's silvery clear voice is easy on the ears, and its clarity has not been obtained at the expense of personality.
    • She was still struggling to breath through gales of silvery laughter, and her soulful blue eyes were narrowed to tiny slits with mirth.
    • She laughed again, a peal of silvery laughter every bit as lovely and wondrous as its owner.
    • A long, silvery howl echoed out over the trees, one of grief and heartrending sorrow.
    • She giggled, filling his ears with that same surreal silvery laugh.
  • 2

    (sheen/patch) plateado
    (hair) canoso
    (hair) cano literario
    (hair) plateado literario
    • By adding copper to the silver, the mediaeval craftsmen were hardening and lowering the melting point of silver, although it still remained silvery in colour.
    • Dressed in a salmon pink dressing gown and rollers in her silvery hair, the old crone was sat in her favourite old rocking chair, surrounded by a group of people.
    • They are green and white, and they carry their national symbol, the star and crescent, silvery bright and shiny.
    • This results in the leaves taking on a silvery appearance and, more importantly, an extensive dying back of the affected branches and a reduction in fruit production.
    • Cesium is a silvery white, shiny metal that is very soft and ductile.
    • Despite it being winter, there is plenty of colour, from subtle silvery tones to bright berries and stems.
    • She brushed a lock of shoulder-length silvery hair briskly behind her ear as she spoke.
    • The oyster coats the sand grain with a silvery shiny layer called nacre.
    • There is a thin coating of make-up on her face and her silvery hair is delicately cut.
    • He threw his head forward so a wave of silvery hair covered his sorrowful face.
    • A beam of silvery light was shining through the old windows, the moss already creeping up and encircling them in emerald tendrils.
    • When wet, the basalt changes colour from silvery grey to gleaming black.
    • She came through the doors a few moments later, her long silvery hair flowing around her.
    • I just look at my computer, at how nice and silvery and shiny it is.
    • I'm just trying to compose my face into the right look of condescending congratulation when she heaves on to the deck not one but six beautiful, silvery, shiny mackerel.
    • The wings appear very light, silvery gray in flight.
    • Behind the door was a modernized kitchen, all shiny and silvery.
    • Out of complete darkness, in the middle of the screen and half way from the left edge, a thin silvery bright line appears, extending all the way to the right edge.
    • Besides the cut and the silvery hair, he looked the same as before.
    • Germanium looks like a metal, with a bright, shiny, silvery luster, but it is brittle and breaks apart rather easily.
    • He was a 40-year-old man with silvery hair, small eyes, a small nose, a large mouth and faint wrinkles.
    • The one thing they all had in common - aside from the black-tie dress - was a love for the unique artist with the shock of silvery hair.
    • His facial appearance was fair, with the placid blue eyes and short silvery hair.
    • Her silvery hair was pulled up in a neat bun.
    • Once spun, the cocoon takes on a silvery appearance, indicating that it is full of air that seeped out from the slit-like incisions in the root made by the larval hooks.
    • The timber cladding on the outside is untreated and has taken on a bleached, silvery colour as it has weathered.
    • I squinted in the bright sunshine trying to see the silvery grey bodied fish, known as the ‘grey ghost’ or ‘silver bullet’ of the flats.
    • His silvery hair was cut short and it framed his face in loose wisps.
    • I made out an elderly lady, propped up, silvery hair rippling across her shoulders.
    • Her room was bathed in a silvery light from the moon.
    • Her silvery hair is perfectly groomed, her make-up subtly enhancing.
    • She had long silvery hair framing her delicate face.
    • Her pale silvery hair and violet eyes were pretty, but other than that, she was boring.
    • Wearing black trousers and a grey polo shirt, he is still handsome with shoulder-length silvery hair and a twinkle in the eye.
    • He has silvery hair, quick, hawk eyes, and a lean, slightly bent frame.
    • She glanced around her surroundings to see the thin beautiful woman combing her long silvery hair.
    • Its body has a good deal the shape of the pike; but it is protected by scales of a silvery gray colour and so strong that a dagger could not pierce them.
    • He was smiling, a good-looking man in his early fifties with silvery hair and dark eyes and a practiced smile.
    • She was a wisp of a woman, barely taller than my shoulders, with silvery hair and deep blue eyes.
    • Colour of the tubers may be white, silvery, light tan, red, or purple.