Traducción de similar en Español:


similar, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪm(ə)lər//ˈsɪmɪlə/


  • 1

    the two cars are very similar in design los dos coches tienen un diseño muy similar / parecido
    • to be similar to sth parecerse a algo
    • it's similar to the one I have es parecido / similar al que yo tengo
    • it's similar in size to a sparrow es de tamaño parecido al de un gorrión
    • You will note that this list is very similar to the likely 18 centres that Turkey would need to win.
    • A beautifully decorated lyre from Ur depicts similar figures in lapis lazuli and shell.
    • Spawning takes place between October and December, and is very similar to that of the brown trout.
    • Other countries in East and Central Africa had similar policies to different degrees.
    • This is because when it's canned, these fats are reduced to levels similar to white fish.
    • In a recent study of this mutant, results very similar to those of Smith et al. were obtained.
    • For example, both wings of a bird must be very similar in size and shape if it is to be able to fly satisfactorily.
    • Even sinkholes similar to the one last summer have been around since the 18th Century.
    • His language was very similar to the language of Slavs living around the town.
    • The situation in Denmark is very similar to that in Spain, but again, only time will reveal all.
    • After all a bully is somewhat similar to a stalker, they follow you, taunt you, frighten you.
    • The breadth of this vision is clearest in a sequence very similar to the suicide scene.
    • The aim was to sample the planet surface for signs of lifeforms similar to those that could survive on earth.
    • They were thrilled to find rough red tiles similar to those used by the Romans.
    • In a similar way, the size and shape of the bowl will enhance or detract from its bouquet.
    • You can also get more information by comparing figures for similar companies.
    • And the government will also aim to save a similar figure over the previous two years.
    • I think we can expect to hear words very similar to those when the defence sums up its case.
    • This wide sweeping course is one of the newest on the circuit, and is very similar to Las Vegas and Michigan.
    • Obviously, this was a sterner test but the essence of golf required was very similar to those courses.
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    • When the ratio is 1 then the similar triangles become congruent triangles (same shape and size).