Traducción de simpleminded en Español:


ingenuo, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˌsɪmpəlˈmaɪndəd/


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    • What's a simple-minded rural poet to do about it?
    • The failure of such simple-minded thinking has also been proven by its total failure for Cuba, which has survived under American sanctions for more than four decades.
    • That the classical Olympic spirit emphasized international peace is lost in such simple-minded political propaganda.
    • Joe's a bright guy with insightful views on many things, but here he sounds, well, downright simple-minded.
    • Celebrity worship may be simple-minded, self-indulgent and craven, but heads of state should not expect to get off so lightly.
    • It's a simple-minded solution to complex problems.
    • We can make an assessment of how well these groups are travelling in a simple-minded way by looking at how they progress through training - which students get in?
    • Alas, this robust and simple-minded certainty that Reason rather than Faith was the wave of the future is all but spent now.
    • This is apart from the government's and opposition's cynical calculation that its simple-minded stance will win it votes in the coming election.
    • Not one could grasp, or even imagine, the possibility that our simple-minded Palaeolithic ancestors were capable of art.
    • No amount of simple-minded faith will change that.
    • Any other outlook is just simple-minded fantasy.
    • Because they work on simple-minded theories and are totally oblivious of facts.
    • While the rural people have a more simple-minded attitude, they are also used to living in harmony with their neighbours who have to face the same difficulties as they do.
    • And some of those aren't so young, but still simple-minded.
    • For the kids the knee-jerk tourist products are wooden toys, but they are lumpish, boring objects, unlikely to appeal to any but the most simple-minded of toddlers.
    • Even today it's edgy cinema, but to write it off as the product of a deranged mind, or to suggest that it endorses the violence it depicts, is simple-minded at best.
    • But these non-newsworthy-factoids have spawned appallingly simple-minded reflections.
    • The films I've done in recent years, they're meant to offer a more complex analysis of the situations, and are less simple-minded.
    • This single-minded, indeed simple-minded, artistic manifesto seems crude and dated, but the fiction it led him to produce is still fresh.
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