Traducción de sincerity en Español:


sinceridad, n.

Pronunciación /sɪnˈsɛrəti//sɪnˈsɛrədi/


  • 1

    sinceridad femenino
    he spoke with sincerity habló sinceramente / con sinceridad
    • in all sincerity con toda sinceridad / franqueza
    • Mr Dobson is a man of impeccable character, integrity, and genuine sincerity.
    • Something to do with the way he could project genuine sincerity, humour, insightfulness and compassion.
    • It is important to choose a mate who respects those fine qualities of compassion and sincerity.
    • He spoke with a sincerity, she knew he was telling her the truth about his name.
    • Dr. Sunya values credibility, honesty and sincerity as most important qualities.
    • His sincerity, honesty, and determination cannot be challenged, nor can the unique value of his findings.
    • His sincerity and good faith are obvious as is his passionate identification with those at the bottom of the heap.
    • The humanity is there but depicted with such sincerity and lack of humour that it doesn't pierce the heart in the way that it should.
    • Ask him whether he can say, with honesty and sincerity, that he is happy.
    • She winced at the sound of his cold voice; she didn't doubt the sincerity of his words.
    • So far as I could tell, these people's problems were not due to lack of sincerity or earnestness.
    • It takes a lot of output in the way of your sincerity, your commitment, and your genuineness.
    • Thus even his opponents acknowledged his sincerity, truthfulness and honesty.
    • The picture has style, but also a sincerity of sentiment that gives it distinction.
    • One must admire the quality of sincerity that Anita brings to her poetry.
    • He just tells it with all the honesty and sincerity he can muster.
    • I sensed her genuine sincerity and seeing that her eyes were beginning to mist over, guessed that she would be one to share the sorrow.
    • His dark eyes stared back, full of rawness, honesty and uncompromising sincerity.
    • Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply again; we very much appreciate your sincerity and candour.
    • Humour and melancholy, sincerity and irony are as balanced as a health freak's diet.