Traducción de sine curve en Español:

sine curve

sinusoide, n.

(sine wave)


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    sinusoide masculino
    onda sinusoidal femenino
    • Here, a very low-amplitude, high-frequency oscillation is superimposed on a sine curve.
    • If there is a slight gradient of intensity, where the left edge is a little bit darker than the right edge, that may be represented by a sine wave with a very long wavelength.
    • The second way to read pulses differently is to read the pulse wave as a sine curve rather than a bell curve.
    • In their less rigorous approach they were quite willing to be satisfied with approximations, such as the substitution of a sine wave for almost any curve connecting two points.
    • Fig.3 A shows the recovered trajectory for a bead moving in a sine wave of 1 m amplitude in the x direction.