Traducción de singer en Español:


cantante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪŋə//ˈsɪŋər/


  • 1

    cantante masculino
    he's not a bad singer no canta mal
    • a pop/an opera singer un cantante pop/de ópera
    • Does she really think singers can sing in a concert without looking at the music?
    • Josquin was a singer by profession, and virtually all his music is vocal in conception.
    • The concert in the evening included ballad singers, mandolin and banjo players.
    • The most prized status symbol of movie actors and pop singers today is their own restaurant.
    • There have been a lot of talented singers on the program over the last two seasons.
    • There is scope for variety as new singers are also making an impact in the industry.
    • Had he not made a career from mathematics he could well have made his profession as an opera singer.
    • It was performed by an orchestra accompanied by four solo singers and a chorus of 50 singers.
    • Instrumental performers do not make eye contact with the audience, although singers may.
    • All musicians and singers are welcome are welcome to join in on what is going to be a night to remember.
    • The singers will be joined by a scaled-down ensemble of professional musicians.
    • Back in Bulgaria, Elena had been a pop singer, performing in bars and cabaret clubs.
    • We thank all the singers who participated in all the heats and those who got through to the final.
    • She was also a gifted singer and could sing French opera arias in perfect pitch.
    • For the singers, filming a TV opera presents its own particular set of challenges.
    • In the end Mel lost out rather spectacularly to the two other, much less known, female singers.
    • Aspiring pop singers from a Keighley school will perform in front of shoppers tomorrow.
    • We chatted some more and established that we were both opera fans, not just of nice singers who sing nice songs.
    • The singers sang mostly accurately and musically with a good feel for the style.
    • Brenda is a fantastic singer, but not really a pop star, and Maria is nice but a little bit bland.