Traducción de single parent en Español:

single parent


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    he's/she's a single parent es un padre/una madre que cría a su(s) hijo(s) sin pareja
    • before noun single-parent family familia monoparental
    • For single-parent families, we included subjects who had data for at least half of the items pertaining to the present parent.
    • He was from a single-parent family, with his mother raising three on her own in very rural Oklahoma.
    • Alternative models of family, including a matrifocal family or a single-parent household, are rendered pathological.
    • I could not help but think that they were not only insulting same-sex parented families but also single-parent families.
    • Britain has the highest proportion of children being brought up in single-parent households in Europe.
    • I think we should look at the single-parent households, both male and female, and how to remove barriers.
    • Mothers also shoulder the greater burden among single-parent families.
    • Young women who have children out of wedlock are much less likely to marry as they age and much more likely to bring up their children in a single-parent family.
    • A household containing one parent, children, and no other adult was considered a single-parent family.
    • Even if you were raised in a single-parent family, you'll have learnt from the relationships your parent was in, or developed expectations about what being alone is like.
    • I grew up in a single-parent family, and my mother's very liberal.
    • The step-family may solve the poverty risks that haunt the single-parent family.
    • Joycelyn lives in a single-parent home and her mom works and parties a lot.
    • Mills grew up on a council estate in Bow, east London, an only child in a single-parent family.
    • It was uncommon to be a single-parent family in those days.
    • The typical female offender comes from a single-parent home in which other family members have been incarcerated.
    • In single-parent families or families where both parents are at sea, the children are signed over to a guardian.
    • Low rates of child support among single-parent families indicated a failure of parental responsibility.
    • He grew up in a single-parent home in a tough area of Virginia Beach and didn't meet his father until two years ago.
    • She said the 16-year-old was a bright student, but from a poor single-parent family.