Traducción de singular en Español:


singular, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪŋɡjələr//ˈsɪŋɡjʊlə/


  • 1

    the singular form of the word el singular de la palabra
    • the second person singular of the verb la segunda persona del singular del verbo
    • In American English, collective nouns usually take a singular verb.
    • ‘Please inform the writers that the names of teams take the singular verb,’ he says.
    • There are other singular words for classes or units of people.
    • Plural pronouns with nominally singular antecedents like ‘everyone’ have been a major battlefield in the grammar wars.
    • And the singular subject ‘vehicle’ should be followed by the singular verb ‘is’.
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    • 2.1formal (exceptional)

      (beauty/achievement) singular formal
      • She grew up to be a lady of singular beauty and was much sought after.
      • Every sip confirms that Bacardi Big Apple Rum is a singular taste sensation.
      • They had a singular beauty, outstanding amongst the exotic growth of fern and ponga on the slopes below.
      • A better introduction to the label would be harder to imagine, as the singles capture the remarkable beauty of Cold Blue's singular sound.
      • But persevere with Lear because, while he is no Turner, taken on his own terms he has much to offer in works of a singular beauty which contain the clues to personal tragedy.
      • March Madness is a thing of singular beauty in the ugly, wretched cesspit that is college sports.
      • The Beatles were four distinct personalities joined as a singular force in the rebellious 1960s, influencing everything from hair styles to music.
      • But perhaps even more astonishing is how this singular American victory has disappeared from public consciousness.
      • He was a singular man with an astonishing career, but at the same time, as the author notes, he was ‘an opportunist without a detailed blueprint’.
      • His hands were of singular delicacy and beauty.
      • More than anything else, this set highlights how singular and amazing Wire were at their peak.
      • Christmas, of course, is a special case, and Dunkeld Cathedral is a place of singular beauty, but the trend still needs some explanation.
      • No one else does with available light what Godard does, which brings about a singular beauty.
      • The pain etched on the face of every single Lisbon Lion was proof, if any were needed, of the remarkable bonding achieved by this singular football team.
      • In the south, it took ten years before the new leader, Albert Reynolds, read the signals and acted with singular courage.
      • Packed in a special blue box, they are known for their singular and impressive taste experience that is the quintessence of coffee.
      • In spite of its arbitrariness, that hypothesis had a singular fortune, for it dominated Western thought in one form or another almost until the eighteenth century.
      • We are constantly delighted and surprised with the singular beauty, humor, and depth of these cultural artifacts.
      • Yasmine said that it was her singular good fortune to meet the ideal literary editor.
      • This was as singular a manifestation of male charisma, intimidating and awesome, as I have ever seen.

    • 2.2formal (unusual)

      (occurrence/appearance/adventure) raro
      (adventure/appearance/occurrence) extraño
      (appearance/occurrence/adventure) singular
      • Plans are conceived of as singular intentions, regarded as incongruous within a diverse society.
      • In one of the more bizarre twists in a truly singular career, August 1968 saw The Incredible String Band in upstate New York as part of the Woodstock festival.
      • They are reputed persons of a singular, wayward, and eccentric character.
      • His escape was all the more remarkable, given his singular appearance.
      • It's kind of like we've demonised injecting drug users to be very singular people.
      • Barely are we into what is broadly described as ‘recovery’ than we see already a strange and singular characteristic.
      • He never strayed from the sinister, sensitive steps that marked his strange and singular songwriting path.


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    singular masculino
    in the singular en singular
    • Feminine contrasts with both masculine and neuter, not only in the nominative and accusative singular, but in the genitive and dative singular as well.
    • So far I have been speaking about the NRB report in the singular.
    • You may have noticed I said rod in the singular in that last paragraph, with good reason.
    • Although we refer to ‘the sodium pump’ and others in the singular, a single cell may have for example, hundreds of thousands of sodium pumps, with the number varying to suit local conditions.
    • This refers back to the dialectical relationship between movements in the plural and a movement in the singular.