Traducción de singularly en Español:


particularmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪŋɡjələli//ˈsɪŋɡjələrli/


  • 1

    (inept/attractive) particularmente
    (inept/attractive) singularmente
    singularly gifted excepcionalmente dotado
    • singularly colorful de singular colorido
    • If these are the yardsticks for the success of a religion then can it not be concluded that all religions have singularly failed the faithful, given the global spread of destitution and racism?
    • Unfortunately, this particular copper was singularly unhelpful, refusing to say a word.
    • The first five minutes sent the warning to Kilmarnock which they singularly failed to heed.
    • But of the home favourites, it is Senior who is best placed to give the galleries what they want and he is holding his game together this week in a way that he singularly failed to do on his last outing.
    • A whole array of intellectuals are revealed not merely to be snobs and fuzzy thinkers, but possessed of singularly unattractive opinions based on nothing more than prejudice and stupidity.
    • They can seem crusty, Eighties phenomena who have singularly failed to get out of their pinstripes, Jermyn Street shirts and carefully-knotted ties.
    • Despite natural disasters, despite environmental anxieties, despite the dangers from terrorists, we live in singularly fortunate times.
    • Little surprise, then, that yesterday's scoreless draw at Craven Cottage singularly failed to live up to its billing.
    • At first we were much puzzled as to the origin and constitution of this extraordinary race, points upon which they were singularly uncommunicative.
    • The Sunday lunchtime roast is accompanied by live jazz: a singularly soporific treat.
    • ‘I singularly failed to get an education,’ he says.
    • Part of his job, he says, is to keep the expectations of the fans in check, something that he singularly failed to do when he was manager.
    • They hid me one night in the flat of this sweet old lady, and she showed me photographs of some singularly unattractive children.
    • The hunger for mainland technology stocks reflects the cold reality that alternative investments in the United States look singularly unattractive.
    • He is an extraordinary man from singularly outstanding origins.
    • In fact, once noticed, it seems singularly ubiquitous.
    • But, strategically, it was singularly ill-equipped to live with the kind of wholesale prices that have been reality here for the past few years.
    • Under his scrutiny Africa in particular is prone to dissolving in a singularly powerful mood of menace, fear, and disgust.
    • The post-Second World War ‘Era of Good Feeling’, with its universal consensus that one was singularly lucky to be living in the USA, has disintegrated.
    • She seems to pick the right thing in any restaurant we go to, leaving me looking on enviously as I pick my way through a Chef's Special that singularly fails to live up to its name.