Traducción de siren en Español:


sirena, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsaɪrən//ˈsʌɪr(ə)n/


  • 1

    sirena femenino
    • As if on cue, the sounds of an ambulance siren pierced the air.
    • I began to notice the constant sounds of sirens and loud unexplained noises.
    • The sirens screamed even louder as the ambulance had arrived.
    • Although no-one was directly injured, alarm sirens began to sound throughout the control room.
    • As Nagasaki had been targeted in the past, people in the city had become blasé when the air raid siren sounded.
    • The sound of sirens filled the air as fire engines and ambulances dashed to the scene.
    • Just then, she heard the loud blaring sound of an ambulance siren as it screamed by her vehicle, hurrying up the road in the one empty lane that had been sectioned off by orange cones.
    • He dozed off into a pleasant slumber before being woken up to the sound of Klaxon sirens and flashing red lights from the hallway.
    • If you listen carefully to an ambulance siren or a train whistle, you will notice that the noise sounds higher while the vehicle is approaching, and lower after the vehicle has passed by.
    • Ironically, the sound of the sirens disappeared after the gang fled.
    • The loud sound of sirens suddenly pierced the quiet scene and she jumped up instantly.
    • The piercing alarms of air raid sirens were signalling an attack.
    • There were police cars, ambulances and fire engines, all sounding sirens in an endless procession south.
    • Most of the war was spent at Windsor castle, where the princesses learned the art of rolling out of bed and into air raid shelters when the sirens sounded.
    • When the sensor picks up violent movement, such as the item being grabbed, a signal is sent to a base unit which sounds a siren.
    • The nation came to a standstill in a two-minute silence at 10.00 am, signalled by deafening air-raid sirens and traffic grinding to a halt.
    • After a few seconds, the sirens started to sound louder again.
    • The sound of air raid sirens filled the air, and hundreds of people dressed as soldiers of different nationalities filled the streets of Pickering for the seventh annual wartime weekend.
    • Sounding her siren and firing distress rockets the ship tried desperately to make the beach but as the lifeboat crews assembled the steamer gave a final lurch and went down.
    • A loud klaxon and a blaring siren signaled the start of the balloon busting derby.
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    sirena femenino
    before noun the siren call / song of sth el seductor atractivo de algo
    • He's smart enough to avoid things like singing sirens.
    • Both sirens and mermaids have musical talents; bird-sirens sing and play the pipes and the lyre, whereas mermaids rely on their voices to entice sailors to their death.
    • The vacant-eyed sirens sing only to the moon and a passing sea-bird.
    • There was also a balcony that overlooked the ocean, where he swore that the sounds of the waves were truly mythical sirens singing him to sleep.
    • There was an altogether more subtle look at his show which drew on Homer and Plato's tales of sirens singing unsuspecting sailors to their deaths.