Traducción de Sisyphean en Español:


de Sísifo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsɪsəˈfiən//ˌsɪsɪˈfiːən/


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    (labor/task) de Sísifo
    • Jack considers Roberta to be the farthest gone of the group and suggests that her obsession has trapped her in a ‘hopeless Sisyphean life’.
    • Not only do they lose the game but they are sentenced to a Sisyphean task.
    • He's urging anyone who's listening to continue on toward their desires, no matter how Sisyphean the task may prove to be.
    • Of course, trying to correct an animal rights activist with erroneous information is a Sisyphean task.
    • I find this a laudable goal but often a Sisyphean task.
    • He strikes me as living in a quiet purgatory, working in a lonely, Sisyphean pursuit of redemption by calling for younger generations to step back from the conflicts we accept with resigned inevitability even as we oppose them in word.
    • Governance reform takes on a Sisyphean quality in Canada: at one and the same time it is both a powerful compulsion and, apparently, a frustrating, if not impossible, task.
    • For years, the music and film industries have fought a Sisyphean battle against piracy.
    • It was a Sisyphean task of epic proportions that defied a normal life expectancy.
    • Happy lunchtime. I managed to book holidays, after what looked at first like a Sisyphean struggle.
    • It's a Sisyphean task making today's complex software, with millions of lines of code, totally bug free.
    • For some it's an afternoon's entertainment, falling off their board and hauling themselves up again with a kind of Sisyphean hopelessness.
    • The first exercise machine, in fact, was designed as a particularly tedious form of Sisyphean punishment.
    • Such a daunting task is a true Sisyphean labour!
    • Yes, it's a difficult task, maybe even a Sisyphean one, but it's that challenge that ennobles what journalists do.
    • There is, of course, something Sisyphean about this.
    • My favorite scene features a dung beetle trying to roll a bit of dinner up a hill; a more Sisyphean struggle I haven't seen.
    • It was a Sisyphean task - but Paul did not give in.
    • The effort can seem Sisyphean, but it's effective.
    • The job of encouraging better care of livestock is Sisyphean.