Traducción de six-shooter en Español:


revólver, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈsɪks ˌʃudər/



  • 1

    (con seis cámaras) revólver masculino
    • What do you expect me to do, take on the whole German East Asia Brigade with my trusty six-shooter?
    • His trigger finger twitches next to his six-shooter.
    • For Western fans, almost any movie with horses, six-shooters and really big hats is worth the price of admission.
    • He got a pair of six-shooters and practiced everything there was to know about handling a gun - twirling, spinning, shooting, and practicing his fast draw.
    • So in 1863 Samuel Colt invented the six-shooter - and the rest, as they say, is history.
    • Michael leapt out of bed and - grabbing his six-shooters, which he handled best - rushed outside to find four men on horseback, staring at him.
    • The firepower of cannons and Gatling guns, stolen from the Army, made the extended outlaw families totally invincible to any sheriff's six-shooters.
    • Facing each other, they prepare to draw their six-shooters.
    • You are a poncho-wearing Clint Eastwood clone who scurries about, taking cover behind a wagon or boulder, besting bad guys with your six-shooter or rifle.
    • The outlaw army blasted their six-shooters at the fleeing family.
    • They're common six-shooters anyway, not sure what's wrong with me.
    • Obviously, the world of Robin Hood is populated with swords and arrows, and not with six-shooters and sniper rifles.
    • The hard hat made to look like a Stetson, faded Levi's, steel-toed cowboy boots and the staple gun shaped like a six-shooter that is strapped to his side.
    • He whacked Sarah on the head with the butt of his six-shooter and took off into the forest.
    • When I was seventeen, I worked in a London pub where all the locals would turn up on Friday nights wearing cowboy outfits, order Jack Daniels instead of their usual pint of bitter, and deposit replica six-shooters on the bar.
    • I try to see my biases for what they are and keep them in check, but nonetheless I confess that I have reservations about being within rifle shot of at least some of the people who might be walking about with six-shooters under their ponchos.
    • I've often observed the same ammunition fired in both pistols and revolvers, and I've seen equal or better accuracy from the six-shooter.
    • Boots, horses, cows, range land, rifles and six-shooters… it's all in my blood.
    • She beat me at rifling, so I'm teaching her how to shoot the six-shooters.
    • Holster your six-shooters and strap on your spurs for a Wild West action adventure.