Traducción de skateboard en Español:


monopatín, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskeɪtbɔːd//ˈskeɪtbɔrd/


  • 1

    monopatín masculino
    patineta femenino América Latina
    • You might have noticed more and more people of all ages gliding down the streets on skateboards, sliding along walls and flicking and spinning their boards with various degrees of success.
    • All we could hear around us was the sound of skateboards and feet hitting the ground somewhere in the distance, somewhere behind us.
    • He suffered from asthma, but lived life to the full, playing the drums in a band and riding his skateboard.
    • We were riding our skateboards to school, and I found Mary's necklace!
    • As a 13-year-old, when most kids are thinking about skateboards or surfboards, what made you want to ride bulls?
    • Last year the skateboard World Cup was held at the London Arena.
    • Essentially, this was to be a skatepark designed and built by people who do not ride skateboards.
    • He angled his skateboard to the ground and pushed off, skating towards the school.
    • At least I'm not riding around on a skateboard with my own name on the bottom of it.
    • Their songs don't revolve around high school crushes, they don't ride skateboards in their videos and they haven't rushed into playing the country's arena circuit.
    • Ben planted his foot onto the skateboard and began to soar down the block.
    • Carlo will only ride the skateboard in a seated position with his knees under his chin and only indoors.
    • They showed up on foot, bike and skateboards, with signs, banners, puppets and costumes.
    • Standing about five feet away are two younger guys with skateboards, also waiting for the bus.
    • Marshall pushed his skateboard behind Jade and slid his arms around her petite waist.
    • Tommy was putting on new wheels to his skateboard, and Jeff was smoking a cig.
    • The pivotal moment came, we're told, when newfangled plastic wheels made skateboards infinitely faster and smoother than they'd ever been before.
    • As soon as I pushed off the ground on my skateboard I felt all the tension leave my body.
    • I grabbed my skateboard and boarded alongside Rachel on the way to her house.
    • And as always, his obsession with skateboards and skate parks were manifest in his attire.