Traducción de skein en Español:


madeja, n.

Pronunciación /skeɪn//skeɪn/


  • 1

    (of yarn)
    madeja femenino
    • The ship's boiler has lost its outer casing and the masses of steam pipes are left hanging and twisted like skeins of wool.
    • Embellished with cascades of semi-precious stones, crystal beads, dabka, and vivid skeins of fine silk thread, the focus here is on detailing and embroidery.
    • Each skein of yarn sat neatly in its place, the loom itself dominating the room.
    • I was so pleased with the Noro York sweater that I went back to the yarn store and came home with another ten skeins of Kureyon.
    • Rich reds and oranges contrast with washed-out bluish surfaces; meshwork on the left opens onto some deeper orange space, while skeins of broken meshwork on the right seem to trail behind.
    • I still have one and a half skeins that I will dye in the near future.
    • I left the store with a few new skeins of yarn and an entire set of round looms.
    • I had to choose 20 skeins of yarn and classify them.
    • The one parcel I got from her was nice - a skein of cotton yarn, chiba needles, and some incense.
    • It makes life much easier for each large bag to have a small plastic bag on top, filled with yarns of shorter lengths, approximately 18 inches to 3 inches, than the large skeins and/or balls.
    • He would bring in these elaborate sweaters with Shetland ponies on the front, and I would run my fingers over his yarn skeins and he would explain how difficult but rewarding knitting was.
    • For the most part, the colors of the skeins are irregularly spaced, offering a kind of overall abstract composition.
    • They're figures of Greek mythology, three goddesses who control the destinies of man, likened to skeins of thread that they spin, measure out and finally cut.
    • I drove to the beautiful Fisher Building in Detroit and then I counted skeins and skeins of yarn for the inventory at City Knits.
    • I ended up needing more yarn than quoted in the pattern - nine skeins instead of eight, which is a touch critical with a yarn like that.
    • It is impossible to knit from a skein without getting the wool in a knot.
    • A woman sits on a chair and skeins of wool are pulled around her.
    • Erianne frowned at the two skeins of thread in front of her, the sun beating down relentlessly on her uncovered head.
    • The folktale of a wicked man who helps a woman spin thread or straw into skeins of gold is well-known with variations around the world.
    • You have a hoop, needle, iron-on transfers and skeins of embroidery floss.
  • 2

    (of geese)
    bandada femenino
    • Once, after being disturbed by a low-flying helicopter, the full skein remained airborne almost an hour before side-slipping and tumbling out of the sky.
    • Above, the final skein of Pinkfooted Geese, over wintering from Greenland honked their noisy way to their evening roost on the sand-banks of the River Ribble.
    • I once stood on this spot and watched a skein of migrating geese flap their way in perfect chevron formation through the great cleft of the Lairig an Laoigh below, their wings cutting through the air with a rhythmic whoosh.
    • During the short drive to Joe's favourite diner in Madrid I spotted a group of five deer, several skeins of Canada geese and a group of mallard.
    • Skies were clear over South Sligo and East Mayo as skeins of wild geese winged their way towards the west coast.
    • For the last two nights, we have had skeins of geese flying over us to get to Martin Mere.
    • The blue train sped with the precision of a skein of geese in flight.
    • A V-shaped skein passing overhead with a cacophony of honks floating down still epitomizes wildness and freedom for many people.
    • Overhead skeins of geese and small flights of duck were moving south for the winter.