Traducción de sketch map en Español:

sketch map

croquis, n.


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    croquis masculino
    • Villagers in the Philippines drew over 40 sketch maps of mangrove and coral reef habitats on top of base maps.
    • There's a sketch map of the world indicating time zones.
    • A sketch map in the front of the booklet guides the reader to the sites of the articles.
    • I will refer to the accompanying sketch map throughout my description of the situation.
    • Only occasionally have they converted these cognitive orientations into sketch maps for use in their daily lives.
    • As you go around, mark every feature you find on a large sketch map of the water.
    • Locations of the 40 sites from which we removed eggs were recorded on sketch maps, and eggs were photographed with a Polaroid camera.
    • The project relied on teamwork, the collection of toponyms, the drawing of sketch maps, and the interpretation of air photos.
    • Part of their work consisted of drawing sketch maps showing the locations where game animals were captured.
    • I find it useful to use both published and students' sketch maps (often in conjunction with photographs) as part of the planning and drafting process.
    • The way they transform these cognitive images into hand-drawn lines in sketch maps is central to the approach.
    • This chapter has excellent descriptions of important specimen-producing sites and a wide assortment of color photographs and geologic sketch maps.
    • The sketch maps resulting from these scientific encounters, however, are rarely used to produce standardized maps.
    • By the end of the third workshop, most participants could easily draw sketch maps and read standard cartographic sheets and air photos.