Traducción de sketchbook en Español:


cuaderno de bocetos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskɛtʃˌbʊk//ˈskɛtʃbʊk/


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    cuaderno de bocetos masculino
    • He wrapped his free arm around her shoulders, and she watched the surrounding landscape appear on his sketch pad.
    • She picked up her sketch pad and began sketching the sunset outside the window.
    • Her sketch pad was in her lap with many used sticks of charcoal scattered on the open paper and near her feet.
    • She gave a small sigh and put down her sketch pad.
    • Sasha was stretched out with his sketch pad, making charcoal pictures of Emily one after another.
    • He was a man who preferred to have a sketch pad and a couple of pencils in his pocket and to be out in the countryside and fresh air.
    • He pulled out his sketch pad to pass the time away.
    • I copied everything I could, filling up my notebook and moving on to my sketch pad.
    • I grabbed my sketch pad and some pencils from the glove compartment, where I always kept them, and headed to the nearest tree for shade.
    • In a few minutes she was back, carrying my sketch pad.
    • She works in the glove department of Saks Fifth Avenue, returning home to a modest apartment, a cat, a sketch pad and her oppressive loneliness.
    • I sat cross legged on the floor, my sketch pad in hand.
    • Almost on impulse, she reached for her sketch pad and started to draw him.
    • Taking a small charcoal depiction of a bike from his sketch pad, he turned it upside down and copied it this way onto the wall.
    • But then he set aside his sketch pad and computer play and settled down to serious work.
    • I pulled out my usual sandwich and my sketch pad.
    • An artist might be effectively disabled without her sketch pad, or a physicist without her computer.
    • She sat on the dock and pulled out her sketch pad.
    • Sophia stared down at the sketch pad, and made a mark with the charcoal stick on the paper, imitating the shadows beneath the tree.
    • A few minutes later Mary emerged with the sketch pad opened to Cierra's latest drawing.