Traducción de sketchy en Español:


muy superficial, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈskɛtʃi//ˈskɛtʃi/

adjetivosketchiest, sketchier

  • 1

    (treatment/account) muy superficial
    (memories) vago
    (knowledge) muy básico
    (knowledge) muy elemental
    (piece of work) demasiado esquemático
    • Brando's part is too slight, his character too sketchy, to allow him to show any acting chops at all.
    • While details are still sketchy, the show looks to be a very extended and extremely sensational commercial.
    • The apparently deep relationships between Aaron and Hugh or between Hugh and Becky remain superficial, the minor characters frustratingly sketchy.
    • The details are sketchy at this stage, but I understand that both Desmond and Murray are to be interviewed about the plan on this evening's Scotsport Plus.
    • The person who has sat next to me every day for the last 18 months is just a jumble of sketchy features and vague associations.
    • The details are sketchy at the moment but i'm certain there is money to be made…
    • I think there are a lot of flaws in this study calculating - it's so hard to calculate profits in Hollywood because the numbers are always so sketchy and there's a lot of fuzzy accounting.
    • All of our actions are dictated by intelligence reports and sometimes it can be sketchy.
    • While programming details are sketchy, it is understood that the new channel would offer a diet of sitcoms, drama and soaps and will have no news or current affairs content.
    • Details are sketchy but the lightening fast operation, lasting all of 5 hours, stunned France and the world.
    • But, in a few days, the Pentagon will issue a release with some sketchy details.
    • Now I was faced with my dad's inadequate PC, complete with sketchy Internet connection and Microsoft Word.
    • Unfortunately, the information available on this issue has been extremely vague and sketchy.
    • Rather than keenly tuning into the in-depth coverage of Newsnight or Channel 4 News, the only reports I'm hearing are the brief and sketchy bulletins on Xfm in the morning, as I get ready for work.
    • I have limited, sketchy information on my forebears.
    • She was one of five children, and even in this sketchy history of her fragmented life, with its breakdowns, delusions and stays in hospital, we can see echoes of the privilege to which she was born.
    • The story is sketchy and vague about where the funds went.
    • She continued with a vague, sketchy synopsis of what she planned to be doing, and how long she planned to stay.
    • Information regarding the death is, at present, sketchy, with the police report being frustratingly vague.
    • While the history of this participation remains sketchy and incomplete, individual contributions have not escaped notice.