Traducción de skew en Español:


sesgo, n.

Pronunciación /skju//skjuː/


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    (in statistics)
    sesgo masculino
    • If there is no sex-ratio skew among nestlings, data regarding survival of hybrid males and females would be needed to explain the pattern noted by Bronson et al.
    • We see in the subsequent section that this fairly small skew from equal frequencies nonetheless yields a substantive potential for ‘nonstandard’ dynamical behavior.
    • We used a log transformation for the alcohol problem index because of the strong positive skew of the variable.
    • The per capita income variable was log transformed to reduce positive skew.
    • Although the variable of educational level was normally distributed in the sample, the variable of annual income showed a sharp positive skew.


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    (twisted, crooked)
    chueco América Latina
    • I hope that he does say something a little off skew and controversial on the show to spice things up.
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    (in statistics)
    (distribution/curve) sesgado
    • Empirical data, however, did not always detect a statistically significant skew toward rare alleles in the allele frequency distribution.
    • The sample odds ratio is limited at the lower end, since it cannot be negative, but not at the upper end, and so has a skew distribution.

verbo transitivo

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    (cause to curve)
    (line) torcer
    (ball) desviar
    • Pryce did well to block his shot with his legs, but the ball skewed sideways for Mercer to crash it into the empty net.
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    to be skewed estar sesgado
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    (results/facts) presentar de manera sesgada
    • The poll is skewed toward likely voters, since it is reporting the attitudes of those who have already bothered to register.
    • People think teachers are against tests but the curriculum is skewed into doing them and it skews the whole of the school year.
    • Finally, the income tax cuts accompanying the tax package were massively skewed towards upper-income earners.
    • As one of our readers noted, that poll used a sample that was obviously skewed toward the Democrats, and thus shouldn't be taken too seriously.
    • The Times is not alone for demonstrating again a ‘news judgment’ hopelessly skewed by liberal bias.
    • Trade has been unfairly skewed in favour of rich nations for decades now, the idea is to start skewing it in the other direction.
    • You can count on us to find the answer, and to convey that information in an insulting, unfair and skewed manner.
    • Our sample is also skewed towards the educated.
    • There are problems with the audience profile, Brown argues, which is skewed towards older males, and the predominance of imported programs.
    • We devised the question sets to be, as far as possible, at the same level of difficulty in order not to bias or skew the overall results.
    • The legal system is skewed towards mothers and, as a result, some women abuse this for their own means, she claims.
    • When consumers ‘vote’ with their dollars, the outcome will be skewed toward the preferences of those with more dollars.
    • I like the way the whole thing is skewed towards the safety of our children, so no-one need focus too closely on the actual sinister censorious implications for consenting adults behind this initiative.
    • No-one is suggesting that all science funded by company money is skewed or biased or lacking independence.
    • I had a work life and a family life, but I was skewed towards the work life.
    • European understanding of our society, and of their own, is skewed by male-centered cultural biases.
    • It may seem wrong to extol the virtues of the English but with such a large Lions touring party, it is always likely to be skewed towards the biggest nation with strength in depth.
    • I mean, the idea that the press is skewed toward him on this is totally ridiculous.
    • While this article, in general, is very thorough, accurate and well-written, one sentence is inaccurate and inappropriately skews the potential for print Yellow Pages over the next five years.
    • All the facts would be skewed and biased anyway.

verbo intransitivo

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    to skew off course desviarse