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    to be skew-whiff estar chueco América Latina
    • Now I suspected at the time that there was something skew-whiff in Zizek's analysis of populism, and the more I think about it the more firmly I'm convinced that my initial suspicions were correct.
    • If we manage to show her what a skew-whiff rotter Daniels really is, Laurel'll drop him like a sack of roasting potatoes!
    • If one goes skew-whiff, then at least the other will still work.
    • When the nails corrode, the tiles go skew-whiff.
    • Some facts may a little skew-whiff - one interviewee says.
    • The artefacts don't seem to have changed since our last visit although many of the pictures were skew-whiff.
    • The fan-worship came after the story, not before, so I think it's a little skew-whiff to infer that it's the other way around.
    • ‘We just seem to have our priorities a little skew-whiff,’ he said.
    • As the ball was released he automatically attempted to move his bat at its customary skew-whiff angle, but once again the unseen force inside the bat resisted anything but the most classical textbook positioning.
    • They don't look like other movies, or at least other American movies: as with his suits, there's something slightly skew-whiff about them.