Traducción de skiff en Español:


esquife, n.

Pronunciación /skɪf//skɪf/


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    esquife masculino
    • They did not qualify, however, because the Scouts' canoes were not the sculling skiffs required by the rules.
    • A couple of skiffs are running local dives so I haven't missed the chance to dive, only the chance to see Namena.
    • There was an octagonal fountain so large you could row about it in a skiff.
    • Charles hurriedly had his friends assist him in launching his rowing skiff and went after the dolphins.
    • There are 160 German naval personnel in Mombasa monitoring the Horn of Africa, presumably for al-Qaeda skiffs and pirate ships.
    • Still, next time I'll pilot a Thames skiff instead of driving a car!
    • It is certainly very enjoyable, a music-hall-style adaptation of the tale of three chaps in flannels traversing the Thames in a skiff.
    • Today the sailboats and skiffs are lost to history, along with the working vessels that carried goods to docks long gone.
    • The official opening of the new facility at Gill Pier was followed by an inaugural race for local skiffs.
    • The skiffs were crewed by teams from pubs and clubs in the area.
    • We used the skiff to slip into a narrow gap in the reef.
    • Breakfast over, I grabbed my kit while Joel grabbed the ice chest; it was just a short walk to the skiff with its fifty horse power motor.
    • My first job was handline fishing for mackerel off Kilkeel in a skiff I owned with my brother.
    • Tugs and skiffs sprawl, black on the multicoloured Thames.
    • On a moonlit June night, members of Doc's team sit on three skiffs in the lagoon's North Sound, waiting to trap the young sharks in nets.
    • The 49er class of 4.9m-long skiffs was first introduced as an Olympic event at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
    • It was a great day out and we hope to have raised thousands to keep the skiffs up and running.
    • His boat is a small skiff with a 25 hp engine, which seriously limits how many people he can take out.
    • It is run by some very experienced guides with a large fleet of brand-new skiffs.
    • The ships held five long skiffs that were used for landings.