Traducción de skimmer en Español:


espumadera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskɪmə//ˈskɪmər/


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    espumadera femenino
    • Other available options include a fume exhaust blower, belt-type oil skimmer, automatic fluid refill control and a flow-through detailing brush.
    • The skimmer removes detritus that would otherwise sink and contribute to algae growth.
    • Remove with a bamboo skimmer, drain on paper towels, sprinkle with salt, and serve immediately.
    • Similarly, ferrous ladles and skimmers must be coated to prevent iron attack.
    • Summer is the time to keep your strainers and skimmers clean.
    • Some skimmers work by separating the top layer mechanically; others use a sort of blotter or a suction mechanism.
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    (for swimming pool)
    utensilio para recoger hojas etc de la superficie de una piscina
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    rayador masculino
    picotijera masculino
    • North Deer is recognized worldwide as having an outstanding concentration of colonial nesting birds, including skimmers, gulls and terns.
    • Mute swans are responsible for driving the last remaining colony of black skimmers from Chesapeake Bay.
    • In late summer, numerous egrets and herons appear, along with common, roseate, least, Forster's and black terns and maybe even a black skimmer.
    • Burkett said there are thousands of avocets and skimmers on the Bolivar Flats now, as well as white pelicans, terns and other coastal species.
    • Birdlife is rich with African skimmers, fish eagles, many types of heron and colonies of carmine bee-eaters.
    • Hook them through the belly and they'll swim up, but that will only feed the skimmers, terns and gulls wheedling overhead.
    • Further down the river skimmers are also feeding well at Fulford.
    • Black skimmers also attempted to nest and will hopefully be successful in the future.
    • Bar-winged skimmers range throughout the southeastern United States from Louisiana and Florida north to New Jersey.
    • The skimmers floated, fraternized, and, best of all, skimmed, much to our delight.
    • You might sweat a little when summer temps reach 104 degrees, but just think: No noise to drown out the songs of the African skimmers, wagtails, and stints.