Traducción de skin test en Español:

skin test

cutirreacción, n.


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    cutirreacción femenino
    • A skin test and sputum smears for tuberculosis were negative.
    • Knowing the benefit of a skin test is important in making the reason for the skin test understandable.
    • The purpose of this study was to describe how patients with allergies, asthma, or eczema perceived the preoperative skin test.
    • Even if a skin test and/or a blood test shows an allergy, a child must also have symptoms to be definitively diagnosed with an allergy.
    • Therefore all nursing home residents with a positive skin test or an unexplained chronic cough need chest x-rays.
    • The results of this study show that participants had a pragmatic view of the preoperative skin test.
    • Tuberculin skin test reactions are classified as positive or negative, with the size of the induration noted.
    • Allergies are diagnosed using a skin test or blood test, depending on the age and condition of the patient.
    • The third kind of skin test is called a patch test.
    • The methacholine skin test may elicit a positive response in patients with cholinergic urticaria.
    • Bilirubin levels are easily measured with a skin test or blood test.
    • Usually the allergist will start off with something like a skin test or a blood test.
    • These staff members received oral and written instruction and additional pictures of the preoperative skin test before the test period.
    • A chest radiograph should be obtained for high-risk children with a skin test reaction of 5 mm or more.
    • Please refer to the picture of a skin test reaction and the instructions for measuring the area of induration.
    • Another important task is to investigate perceptions among nurses who perform the preoperative skin test.
    • The cost of the preoperative skin test is minimal because the test primarily is manufactured of leftover materials.
    • In eight cases, the skin prick tests were positive, although only one serological test was in agreement with the skin test.
    • The criteria for interpreting the reaction to the tuberculin skin test as positive are outlined in the accompanying table on page 1596.
    • For the skin test, a reaction greater than 5 mm was considered positive.