Traducción de skit en Español:


sketch satírico, n.

Pronunciación /skɪt//skɪt/


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    Teatro sketch satírico masculino
    Literatura obra satírica femenino
    Literatura sátira femenino
    skit on sb/sth sátira / parodia de algn/algo
    • a skit on the president una sátira / parodia del presidente
    • An interview with Meena and a comedy skit will also be telecast.
    • His outrageous comedy skits and quick wit made him part of daily life for millions of American families.
    • The watchword here was informality, with the pair linking skits and sketches in an amiable, easy-going manner.
    • His cartoons, novels, skits and plays reflect an immense zest for portraying the funny side of life.
    • Along with brazenly ridiculing government and society, Ko began to incorporate short comedic skits into the band's sets.
    • She looked past the new release shelf to see Steve and Tim watching some comedy skits on TV.
    • Youth of all backgrounds performed skits and spoken word pieces about political and social justice.
    • Whenever we film our video game parody skits, we try to include, and harass, as many people in public as we can.
    • Skeins emerged through group projects to render the maze of tradition through a time-line, skits and sketches.
    • From the moment he started writing, he began to write short skits and plays.
    • A short skit was presented with a message conveying that the disabled were in no way inferior to others.
    • The writers have been going a little nuts thinking up scenarios and skits and sketches and things like that.
    • The shows consisted of skits, sketches and musical items, and featured visiting celebrity guest stars.
    • In the lower classes, students would stage skits in which they played the part of upper-caste Jats.
    • In the short skit, the guys left everyone spellbound with their fluency in Hindi.
    • The entertainment fare was peppered with cinematic dance, oriental Thai performances and humorous skits.
    • What was originally supposed to be a short skit for the end-of-run cast party soon turned into a show in its own right.
    • What is more, they would be encouraged to write skits, short plays and scripts for documentaries during the trek.
    • They can stage a short skit about Mahatma Gandhi's Dandi March and India's struggle for Independence.
    • Your skits and spoken-word pieces about music tend to have a sarcastic edge.