Traducción de skitter en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈskɪtə//ˈskɪdər/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    the dog skittered across the ice el perro corría resbalando sobre el hielo
    • the stone skittered over the water la piedra pasó rozando la superficie del agua
    • Versa yelled in a hurry, skittering to her first class.
    • In a movie, this would be dealt with montage style, with trains hurtling down a track and planes skittering down the runway.
    • He didn't seem to mind much and as he leaned in close to the girl I skittered out deciding he was further preoccupied.
    • I was about to protest, but Alex quickly skittered off to the bathroom, leaving me stupidly holding the silver phone in my hand.
    • Twenty girls skitter through chassées, cross-ball-changes and multiple jazz pirouettes.
    • The llamas skittered impatiently and moved forward and I saw it was for real.
    • Doris Humphrey, wearing a red dress, skips and skitters with a windblown lightness.
    • Thoughts of saying hello skittered briefly across my mind, but disappeared almost immediately.
    • She nodded quickly and skittered over to her seat.
    • A rock skittered lightly to his left as he stepped into the sanctuary.
    • The thing by the stairs skittered in a tight circle, turning its buried face towards him.
    • It feels like there are spiders inside my mind, skittering and tapping me dreadfully with hundreds of nasty little feet.
    • And then a thought skittered across Savitri's mind like a stone across water: What if you weren't here?
    • He cradled her head to him, trying to understand why he felt tears skittering down his cheeks.
    • His cameras zoom around a fictional CGI Paris like bugs skitter over puddles.
    • When we stepped away from the tunnel's hatch, a tide of beetles skittered over the stones, away from our feet.
    • A few thoughts about Arthur skittered through her mind for a moment.
    • He held completely still, afraid to move and send the apparition skittering back into the depths of his sleep-riddled mind.
    • His thoughts had no pattern to them; they skittered brokenly through his mind.
    • Her eyes widened further, and she backed, more quickly than before, skittering quickly against the walls and door.