Traducción de skivvy en Español:


fregona, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskɪvi//ˈskɪvi/

nombrePlural skivvies


  • 1Britanico

    fregona femenino despectivo
    sirvienta femenino
    • What else can I do for anyone, since I seem to be everyone's skivvy this morning?
    • She said the new laws would protect Pakistani teenagers who were brought over to be little more than skivvies to an unknown husband and his family.
    • They want to be treated with respect, not taken for granted as low paid skivvies.
    • Are they teachers, managers, social workers or skivvies?
    • He said: ‘Brian is my skivvy, but I will also help him in his preparations.’
    • In upper-class households there was often a hierarchy of servants ‘below stairs', ranging from the butler to kitchen skivvies.
    • Be realistic: he is never going to tidy up if he has a skivvy to do it for him and give him back his stuff all sorted, clean, tidy and ready to use.
    • And the choice of placements totally eclipses the old stigma of office typist or work site skivvy.
    • Assistant engineer makes it sound rather grand, they were just called tape ops really, the skivvies of the recording studio.
  • 2skivvies plural
    EEUU marca registrada

    ropa interior femenino
    in his skivvies en paños menores coloquial humorístico
    • At dawn the next morning I stood in my skivvies on the balcony of my room and surveyed the restless sea.
    • These chambers sometimes get so hot that the rappers have stripped down to their skivvies to record.
    • One had pulled on jeans, one was in skivvy shorts, and one responded nude.
    • For a decade now, La Roche's Luk briefs, boxers, panties and undershirts have been synonymous with comfy-cozy yet fully sexy skivvies.
    • I imagine Beatrix eating organic vegetables and dancing around in hemp skivvies, but I can't get anywhere near her.
    • Just go to this link and find a short story that sends the shivers down to your skivvies.
    • But I still make him walk around at parties in his leopard print skivvies.
    • Their idea blossoms gradually into the film's central story, which has the womanly girls shedding their skivvies for the shoot.
    • Like the others, this trio was clad in their government-issue skivvies.
    • What's laughable is not the former dictator's skivvies, but military leaders' naivety about the media world we now live in.
    • Undies, underwear, or skivvies were all deemed acceptable.
    • He got down to his skivvies and climbed in the shower.
    • After the shoot was over, Curtis decided to strip down to her skivvies and wash off the makeup for some real footage.
    • I remember his raised eyebrows and the distinct embarrassment of being caught in my skivvies in front of a complete stranger.