Traducción de slam en Español:


Pronunciación /slam//slæm/

verbo transitivoslamming, slammed

  • 1

    (close violently)
    to slam the door dar un portazo
    • to slam the door shut cerrar la puerta de un portazo
    • to slam the window shut cerrar la ventana de un golpe
    • The ringing of the tardy bell broke the strain and she quickly slammed her locker shut.
    • I slammed the limo door shut and sped of into the sunset.
    • My mother slammed her locker very hard and walked out of the locker room.
    • He pulled me into his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind the two of us.
    • Kenny got up and stormed out of the hall, slamming the door loudly behind him.
    • The minute she slammed the door shut behind her, he came bolting out, diving by her side.
    • Cursing again, I slammed the water shut and stepped outside.
    • The plane's propeller began to whirl loudly, and Cory slammed the door shut.
    • Running to her dorm she slams the door shut behind her.
    • When I finally did open it, I bolted inside and slammed the door shut behind myself.
    • I slam the door shut behind me, storming down the stairwell in tears.
    • He slammed the door shut behind him and collapsed against it, closing his eyes and gulping air in an effort to quell his anger.
    • As she slammed the door shut behind her, she looked around the street.
    • Nile darted into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind her.
    • I glared at him not bothering to dignify that with a response, I walked out into the street slamming the door shut behind me.
    • She stomped away into her room, slamming the door loudly behind her.
    • Monsieur Mulot came into the room, slamming the door loudly behind him.
    • I slammed the door shut behind me, locked it and leaned against it just in case.
    • In a rush of movement she threw her pack of cigarettes as far as she could and went inside, slamming the window shut behind her.
    • He then sat in the driver's seat and slammed his door shut behind him.
  • 2

    (put with force)
    she slammed the book down on the table tiró el libro sobre la mesa
    • he slammed his fist through the door atravesó la puerta de un puñetazo
    • he slammed the ball into the net (in tennis etc) incrustó la pelota en la red
    • to slam on the brakes pegar un frenazo
    • The beam hit the front end of the truck with the force of a megaton bomb, slamming Jen against the back of the driver seat.
    • Rudolf slammed his palm hard onto his desk.
    • Light suddenly beamed out as a door slammed against a wall from below her.
    • He pushed back slamming her into the wall she was chained to.
    • The loud noise of a door slamming against the wall woke Allison up.
    • The force from the explosion slammed Christin against the opposite wall hard.
    • The force from the blast slammed her into the far side of the narrow aisle.
    • My body was slammed violently onto the cement floor, forcing the air from my lungs.
    • Dracainya was hit by an invisible force that slammed her into the wall behind her, cracking the stone.
    • She pushed Shawna out and slammed her hand on the button for the wall, which soon crashed down behind them.
    • Plasma then proceeded to slam Vegito down with a force strong enough to break rocks.
    • A foot suddenly slammed into her stomach causing Angel to double over.
    • I forced my way to the bridge and slammed myself down in my chair, booting the start up sequence and the door close alarm.
    • With the safety off I repeatedly slammed the butt hard on a concrete floor.
    • He then slammed his fist into Taico's face and knocked him backwards.
    • The force of the spell slammed her against the back wall.
    • She placed her forehead against the wall, slamming her head harder than she had anticipated and began to sway.
    • A great wind slams the two Schlechters against the wall.
    • I want to grab the bad guy by the cuffs and slam him face-first onto the hood of my car.
    • The thug who Caleb landed on walked up to him and slammed his fist full force into Caleb's stomach.
  • 3coloquial

    atacar violentamente
    • Critics slammed the way games were loaded into the phone and said the screen was too small.
    • The critics have slammed the film remorselessly.
    • Ofcom has been slammed for failing to force mobile phone operators to cut the cost of making calls.
    • I also loved the way he handled critics who had slammed the show.
    • The report also slams the U.S. for its poor record on legal migration.
    • Now Hogan knows best again, but this time, he's not slamming anybody.
    • My first book, Premier Roman, was published when I was 23 and slammed by the critics.
    • His critics have slammed him for exaggerating racial and political issues confronting the city.
    • Critics aren't inclined to slam these culturally unique cinematic efforts.
    • The cancellation of a major display showcasing the three armed forces has been slammed by a Wiltshire MP.
    • Critics slammed the price of the hardware and the cost of sending and receiving emails.
    • McMillan slams the club for ‘forcing’ him out and treating him like an ‘outcast’.
    • It was initially slammed by critics, but the play really took off during the Vietnam War.
    • Critics have slammed the BBC for even considering the idea of running adverts on its Web site.
    • Of course, the animal activists heard about it and slammed him.
  • 4coloquial

    (opponent/team) darle una paliza a coloquial

verbo intransitivoslamming, slammed

  • 1

    (door) cerrarse de un portazo
    (door) cerrarse de golpe
    (window) cerrarse de golpe
    • He heard the loud doors to the outside fields open and slam loudly.
    • Gabrielle sat up at the sound of the car door being slammed.
    • The last thing I heard was a door slamming and Trent cursing loudly.
    • The door slammed and the car screeched off at high speed.
    • I cursed quietly as the cupboard slammed loudly back into place.
    • The silence was broken by a car door slamming, followed by the sound of feet running towards my awkward resting place.
    • As Tristan packs up his briefcase and prepares to leave the empty club for the night, he's surprised to hear the sound of a car door slamming outside.
    • A car door opened and slammed again and a tall figure rushed towards her.
    • Car doors slammed, and after a few minutes Zak came around the corner.
    • The door is also slammed in her face and is only opened after repeated requests.
    • After about 20 minutes of driving, the car stopped and she heard doors slamming.
    • Then the door slammed and the car sped away into the distance.
    • He flung the door open so forcefully it slammed against the bedroom wall.
    • He moved to go after him when the door suddenly slammed shut.
    • I leapt to my feet but the cell door slammed back in my face.
    • A third man attacked Leigh, but the car door slammed and Rob pushed the man off Leigh.
    • Darien sat up just as the door to his office slammed loudly.
    • She heard yelling and a car door slamming and screeching off.
    • Suddenly, the bell rang and tons of students piled into the halls with lockers opening and slamming loudly.
    • A car door slammed in the parking lot behind her, but Cameron didn't turn around.


  • 1

    the door shut with a slam la puerta se cerró de un portazo
    • she closed the book with a slam cerró el libro de un golpe
    • She pleads and I climb out of the car, closing the door with a loud slam.
    • Suddenly, a loud slam of the door made both of them sit up, startled.
    • Vincent stepped into the room coolly and kicked the door shut with a slam.
    • Suddenly a loud slam of the barn door closing broke the silence and caused Matt to jump and let go of his knees.
    • I was debating whether or not to take a closer look when I heard the slam of a phone, and I jumped in surprise.
    • Then, the spell was broken by a loud slam of the front door behind them.
    • Bengt heard a loud crack, a slam and the sound of many feet and a struggle.
    • With a loud slam, the door was tightly shut, and darkness once again returned to the room.
    • Chase and Jeff closed their mouths as the slam of a laptop was heard.
    • There was a really loud, nasty door slam and I winced at the sound.
    • The loud slam of a locker door startled her out of her personal reverie.
    • A loud slam of the kitchen door greeted their ears a few moments later.
    • The door shut with an echoing slam, so loud in the unusual silence.
    • He had been at his ‘work’ for a while when he heard the slam of the metal front gates and the crunch of driveway gravel.
    • It was at that precise moment that Madison casually strolled in, pulling the heavy barn door shut with a loud slam.
    • He heard the slam of a drawer, and knew the kid had looked at the gun, and he knew the kid wouldn't move it; he wouldn't touch it.
    • Suddenly a white light came from behind her and moved in front of her to close the door in a loud slam.
  • 2

    (in bridge)
    slam masculino