Traducción de slaphappy en Español:


tocado, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˈslæpˌhæpi/



  • 1EEUU

    tocado coloquial
  • 2Britanico

    (work) descuidado
    she's very slaphappy about getting to work on time se toma con mucha tranquilidad / muy a la ligera eso de llegar puntual al trabajo
    • Mr Tyler said: ‘Many Gulf veterans who have developed serious illnesses since have given us evidence of administration of vaccines which was at best slap-happy and at worst irresponsible.’
    • We believe there will be a downward spiral with this Government's policy, because it is a slap-happy, haphazard policy that is trying to bring in 45,000-plus people.
    • I would be deeply concerned if my very ability to exist in this country depended upon the slap-happy approach that has characterised Government IT projects to date.
    • With a slap-happy attitude to hygiene, and a proclivity towards being ‘influenced’ by others, the sign is traditionally associated with scabies, lice and skin infections caused by contamination.
    • In an era of the steady, dour beat of half-court offenses and slap-happy defenses, this Carolina team sings a pretty nostalgic song.
    • The band's slap-happy power chords now replaced by the real thing: minor A's and major G's, smoothed out under too many plinking piano leads.
    • Community work has become a byword for slap-happy mismanagement of people's sentences.