Traducción de slapjack en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈslapdʒak//ˈslæpˌdʒæk/



  • 1

    • We rolled out of bed this morning early, and had our breakfast of slapjacks made of flour, salt and water, which lie on a man's stomach like cakes of lead.
    • Her uniquely American recipes used corn meal for dishes like Indian pudding, Johnny-cake and slapjacks.
    • It is the fresh air all night that invigorates; or maybe it is the tea, or the slapjacks.
    • The menu will be in English and Czech and will feature chicken breast pate, cabbage soup with sausages, traditional beef goulash, veal with beans and potatoes, fried pork steak and desserts including slapjacks with bilberries.