Traducción de slash-and-burn en Español:


de talar y quemar, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈˌslæʃ ˌən ˈbərn///


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    de talar y quemar
    • I have flown over the rainforests of the Amazon and Indonesia and witnessed destruction by illegal logging and slash-and-burn farming, which has wiped out two-thirds of some rainforest areas.
    • Threats to this zone include increasing human population, which implies the expansion of slash-and-burn agriculture, intensive mining activities, and unmanaged fires.
    • And the population explosion has triggered massive new construction projects, from roads to slash-and-burn agriculture and urban development.
    • Before 1502 the native populations practiced slash-and-burn agriculture, growing a variety of root crops.
    • Before the Modern Age, the last quarter of the eighteenth century, and the logging of major forests, slash-and-burn cultivation was widely used in Europe.
    • Rampant trapping and slash-and-burn farming of their habitat had driven them deep into the forest.
    • For most of human history this has involved sustainable methods of land use such as small-scale slash-and-burn farming.
    • Despite the difficult terrain, slash-and-burn agriculture is a major crop-producing activity.
    • The vast environmental effects of slash-and-burn agriculture and the efficient utilization of forest resources have furthermore been popular research topics on both sides of the Atlantic.
    • Furthermore, the slash-and-burn method of land clearance is better for soil properties, both physical and chemical, than mechanical clearance.
    • These cultures supported themselves principally through slash-and-burn agriculture and hunting.
    • Their tradition of slash-and-burn farming demanded that they leave behind used-up corn-fields every three years to clear new patches of forest.
    • Prior to the Viet Nam Conflict, the Hmong people were a patrilineal, patrilocal, and polygynous people practicing slash-and-burn agriculture in the mountains.
    • Big-scale farmers or cattle breeders often clear-cut huge tracts of land with slash-and-burn techniques.
    • They follow a slash-and-burn method of clearing the soil and use the hoe for cultivation.
    • It also leads to environmental destruction, mainly in the form of deforestation caused by slash-and-burn agriculture, which can only be sustainable at very low population density.
    • While many of its Central American neighbors were clearing forests to make way for slash-and-burn agriculture, Belize has been making far more money keeping the trees in place.
    • Some of the fires are blamed on logging companies clearing land for plantations, others are set by small farmers using slash-and-burn methods.
    • The environment is threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture and the cutting of forests.
    • From the earliest prehistoric slash-and-burn agriculture to the development of genetically engineered crops, the natural environment of Britain has been modified by its inhabitants.
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    • To be fair, it is not the only company which will be cutting payouts this year, although it is doubtful many will engage in quite such a drastic slash-and-burn exercise.
    • Across Latin America ‘liberalization’ (code word for slash-and-burn capitalism) is a dirty word.
    • Here's a few examples: In a third term, Labour will continue to nudge up taxes and invest the extra cash in schools and hospitals, while the Tories are committed to a slash-and-burn of the public sector.
    • An overhaul is just what Italian workers fear, especially if it means a slash-and-burn American-style approach.
    • If one is to believe the media, Harris's slash-and-burn education policies enjoy the support of broad layers of the population.
    • When it becomes clear that the association's slash-and-burn campaign hasn't stopped file sharing, musicians will start to wonder if there's a better way to move forward.
    • Many at the local level saw this move as undemocratic and fought it in a multi-pronged slash-and-burn campaign that lasted two and a half years.
    • A slash-and-burn, profits-at-any-long-term-cost kind of guy, a darling of Wall Street, takes residence in the corner office.
    • I hope that the slash-and-burn mentality of some commentators is not the way they are going to go.