Traducción de slat en Español:


listón, n.

Pronunciación /slæt//slat/


  • 1

    (of wood) listón masculino
    (of wood) tablilla femenino
    (of other materials) tira femenino
    • Its arms followed the curve of the seat, and the back had six to nine spindles or slats topped by a large crest rail.
    • Children can move their own items on simple wood slats from station to station.
    • In the meantime, other detainees loosened a metal slat in the fence.
    • I smiled down at him, and continued pacing on the narrow whitewashed slats of the wooden fence.
    • It seems pointlessly dense with renegade and overlapping wood slats, all cracked and sullied.
    • Imagine a wooden door, they are the boards or slats that make up the door minus the paneled areas.
    • In fact, instead of conventional wings, Smith went for 120 slats like a venetian blind.
    • Blue lamps and a spotlight on the top are also protected by grilles and metal slats allow officers to look outside.
    • There are usually bunk beds or thin mattresses on wood slats.
    • Lying on our showcase bed we search the ceiling for a glint of a camera lens among the pipes and metal slats.
    • His brows furrowed and he went back to hammering a wood slat on the house.
    • It has two or three-inch fabric slats suspended between two pieces of sheer fabric.
    • With a wall of painted wood slats, the space can be converted instantly into a gallery of hanging pictures.
    • Houses had thatched roofs - thick straw piled high with no wood slats or sheathing underneath.
    • The walls were paneled with word wood slats, and the floor was covered in dark yellow sand.
    • You can plant the roses at the base of a fence and weave their canes between the slats.
    • Overlapping slat design allows soft, indirect light to filter in.
    • Between each thin slat of wood, there was a small gap.
    • All of these windows are in infrared wavelengths, and they are narrow, like the gaps between the slats of a fence.
    • One step forward and she realized she was balancing on a slat of wood.