Traducción de slave driver en Español:

slave driver

negrero, n.



  • 1

    negrero masculino coloquial
    negrera femenino coloquial
    • You're such a slave driver!
    • Horror stories have been cited of unfortunate junior doctors being forced to work entire weekends on their own with no sleep or food by slave driver health board paymasters.
    • He's a bit of a slave driver.
    • He was a slave driver and really made people work.
    • Dick has long been the slave driver of the group as far as getting things ready are concerned.
    • Next time you call your boss a "slave driver" watch out.
    • In the eyes of someone who just sees a fragment of my life, they may see me as a dictator, they may see me as a slave driver.
    • An athlete often needs more of a companion than a slave driver.
    • They were constantly telling us that we were slave drivers and refusing to do chores for health and safety reasons.
    • The girls had joked that I was a slave driver even at sleepovers.