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sleeping policeman



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    • Still, demands persisted for speed cameras, radar traps, sleeping policemen, chicanes and other traffic management.
    • Rumble strips, sleeping policemen and flashing signs have the same benefits.
    • Round our way, we've had a lot of success in the area of speed reduction with sleeping policemen.
    • I am all for sensible traffic-calming, rumble strips, sleeping policemen and so on to keep traffic flowing, but these chicanes are a nightmare and should be dug up and replaced.
    • Our roads don't need sleeping policemen - they have created a much cheaper way to slow the traffic down (plenty of holes in the road do the same thing).
    • Bexley Council in their wisdom have now decided even the main roads need sleeping policemen.
    • Chairman Derek Whitnell said: ‘We have asked several times for something like a sleeping policeman to stop the rat-run that goes down here, but nothing gets done.’
    • We need some traffic calming measures like sleeping policemen to slow cars down.
    • And are we expected to believe that when these sleeping policemen are being placed on the road the very same people will not complain at the disruption caused?
    • Hardly anyone objects to the lower speed limit but people do have genuine concerns about noise and vibration caused by things like sleeping policemen.