Traducción de sleepover en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsliːpəʊvə//ˈslipˌoʊvər/



  • 1

    (by employee)
    (at place of work) permanencia nocturna en el lugar de trabajo femenino
    (on business trip) viaje de negocios con estancia nocturna masculino
  • 2

    (of guest)
    estancia nocturna femenino
    • Not that we were unpopular and didn't socialize with anyone else, but it was Amanda who I shared sleepovers and late night conversations with.
    • Usually I finished before that though and when I was doing sleepovers I was inside all night so that was ok.
    • The night went as all sleepovers do, without sleep, and with lots of gushing, giggling, and plain laughter.
    • I'm always in major chaos whenever I plan sleepovers but, after this totally awesome article, nobody will be bored at my parties!
    • Essentially, it was really my dorm with sleepovers every few nights.
    • Keep thinking about how good it will feel when you are comfortably independent - and how much fun it will be to join friends for sleepovers or slumber parties!
    • Remember sleepovers and campouts where you'd sit around a fire and tell scary stories in a Round Robin?
    • It was also during this time that sleepovers with the opposite sex became more common and a lot less innocent.
    • Favorites include staying up late on Friday night, sleepovers with friends, and bowling with the family.
    • While other girls were indoors having tea parties and sleepovers, she was outside playing baseball with the guys.
    • In return, her two children went to hastily organized sleepovers that will spill into today, which allows her to return to work today.
    • Through the rest of elementary school we had sleepovers every night.
    • We've had a family weekend night since both of our kids were little - no friends over, no sleepovers, no dates that night.
    • We struck a silent bond, never talking about life on The Farm, and never inviting other kids home for sleepovers or parties.
    • They trusted the geeky young boy to have wild parties and boy-girl sleepovers.
    • Many trips to amusement parks and more sleepovers followed.
    • And according to recent trends, co-ed sleepovers are popular now.
    • There were the usual birthdays and sleepovers, awkward school pictures, and family shots that blur the distinction between all our lives.
    • My best friend and I have sleepovers almost every weekend.
    • ‘Alexa's always the one who convinces my parents to let us have sleepovers on school nights and stuff,’ says Natalee.