Traducción de sleet en Español:


aguanieve, n.

Pronunciación /slit//sliːt/


  • 1

    aguanieve femenino

verbo impersonal

  • 1

    it is/was sleeting cae/caía aguanieve
    • Two minutes later, it was sleeting and hailing, we were both soaked to the skin, and we were both miserable.
    • The wind had been howling for three days now, a storm from the east that whistled across the high tops and dumped sudden squalls of sleeting rain in the valleys.
    • Car windows are always better open, even if it is raining, sleeting, or well below freezing outside.
    • For all I cared it could've been sleeting down and blowing a gale: I felt better than I had for a long time.
    • It was sleeting, and my team spotted a ribbon of smoke in the forest and wheeled off the road to a campfire, around which huddled six Lithuanian cyclists.
    • There are two inches of snow on the course and it was snowing and sleeting there today.
    • What about taking photographs when it's actually snowing or sleeting?
    • Wind and sleeting rain found its way into the tavern as a man stepped in.
    • But it's been sleeting for the last ten minutes and you've been standing out in it.
    • The next crossing was the Birch Creek Valley, and it was sleeting.
    • Life is still much the same: a constant battle against the elements, as wind and sleeting rain batter the coal-mining land to black slush and mud.
    • He saw the shafts sleet down across the fort, and his heart rejoiced, for surely nothing could live under the merciless beating of that steel-pointed blizzard!
    • I could walk to the tube… but that isn't an appealing prospect when it's sleeting!
    • A couple of months ago it was snowing and sleeting but the group still managed to get people out.
    • It starts to sleet and the judge, Papa, and Grandpa want to turn back.
    • A rain machine sends water sleeting down as two carriages lumber into action and Fagin's lone figure hobbles back along the street.
    • All was silent for a while as the pair of them watched the rain sleeting down from the cloudy sky above, not halting once on its flight to the ground.
    • Well, it may be raining, it may be sleeting, it may be freezing on the streets of Philadelphia, but that hasn't prevented hundreds from coming out to say they're against this war.