Traducción de slick en Español:


ingenioso pero insustancial, adj.

Pronunciación /slɪk//slɪk/

adjetivoslicker, slickest

  • 1

    • 1.1(superficial)

      (program/book) ingenioso pero insustancial
      • Far from being slick and superficial, it is, he says, a natural empathy with the listener which wins their sympathy and support and shows the best side of the politician.
      • Many believe that revival comes through slick advertisements and extensive planning.
      • Concentrate on the content and information presentation as opposed to advertising and slick sales copy.
      • In the bid to eliminate the estate tax, anti-repeal forces have used slick advertising, explicit falsehoods and deception.
      • Shoppers are being warned not to be suckered into buying computers and other IT gear just on the back of slick advertising.
      • Yet it is never slick or glib; instead, it exudes a guileless, homespun warmth.
      • He makes use of slick advertising, juiced-up commercial colors, and spanking-clean light.
      • But this effort is based on action, not slick advertising.
      • We encounter the photos like magazine advertisements, or slick campaign billboards selling women's perfume or trips to happier places than Sofia.
      • Don't be fooled by the slick advertising and deceptively impressive hardware and launch titles.
      • Sarah is too smart to be taken in by the humble doorstep salesman, too cynical to fall for slick advertising patter.
      • We can spend our lives dallying in false advertising and slick brochures about barren land and cheap trinkets and never for a moment wince at the dishonesty of it.
      • Mass amounts of this innocuous beverage flooded the market and, backed by slick advertising campaigns and the lure of good cheap wine, few could resist the bait.
      • Toy sellers say scenes of desperate dads fighting over limited edition action figures hyped by slick advertising campaigns have also been uncommon this year.
      • Please don't abandon that heritage in the interest of a slick format and additional advertising space.
      • I knew that the biotechnology industry had been pouring money into opposing the initiative with slick advertisements and tricky sound bites.
      • Cosmetic surgeons can find themselves in similar situations when they mix professional credibility with slick advertising.
      • With enough money in the war chest, the conventional wisdom goes, populist approval can be won with slick advertising.
      • They spend big on advertising and have a slick website that lets people either choose from a range of preconfigured systems or design their own.

    • 1.2

      (person) (glib) de mucha labia
      (person) (clever) hábil
      • Py's stagecraft, with its rolling trolleys, red curtains and golded frames like religious icons, is slick and efficient, but not dazzling.
      • The five-speed manual gearbox is pretty nifty, slick and smooth to use.
      • In times of sophisticated technological warfare, our military needs to be a highly-skilled, highly-trained and slick operation.
      • Today's pirates are slick professional operations filling Britain's airwaves with everything from street music to extreme political messages.
      • Few anime operations have developed the slick marketing skills necessary to take on the giants of U.S. entertainment.
      • Bolt operation is as slick and smooth as any factory rifle you're ever likely to encounter.
      • The Hartlepool-born youngster has been capped by England at under-18 level and is noted for his slick passing.
      • The slick bolt operation, short bolt lift and bolt throw and smooth in-line feeding made for fast follow-up shots.
      • There's not one slick piece of editing or camera work that doesn't serve the story.
      • A slick piece of indie rock, it showcases Hayes' soulful voice through a string of songs tinged with sadness yet which are ultimately uplifting.
      • The game features a fairly slick damage location model, allowing you to blow the heads and limbs off zombies with well-aimed shots.
      • From a corporate sense, this is a slick piece of work.
      • It had become a very slick operation and everyone seemed delighted.
      • The champions were a class apart in this contest, and the unfortunate Salthill had no answers to their power, their swift movement or their slick passing.
      • The Foundling Hospital was, apart from anything else, an exceptionally slick operation.
      • It is a slick piece of work, more like a product of Madison Avenue than staid Capitol Hill.
      • Brazil's slick passing game gathered pace, helped by Turkey's defensive errors, but the score was unchanged at halftime.
      • The ergonomics of the grip are just right and the no-grip-screw installation is slick efficient and innovative.
      • It was a slick, professional operation, alright.
      • With his slick passing, perfect timing and ability to off-load in the tackle, he set up two of Jauzion's three tries.

    • 1.3

      (reply) fácil

    • 1.4(professional, smart)

      (performance/production) muy logrado
      (production/performance) muy pulido
      he's a slick dresser viste con mucho estilo
      • Maria soon returned with her father, a burly man with a curled black mustache and slick hair.
      • He was tall with black, slick hair and brown eyes.
      • His straight slick hair shone like silver in the moonlight.
      • At supper she grinned at her stepfather, who triumphantly swept back his slick hair.
      • I wear my slick black hair in an elastic band threaded with red dice charms.

  • 2

    • 2.1US (slippery)

      resbaloso América Latina
      • The few other people that were there watched in confusion as he soared across the slick surface and crashed into the wall.
      • Dark clouds loomed over the lake, and the first drops of rain hit with fat plops on the slick surface.
      • It skidded across the slick surface and fell off the other side with a sickly thunk.
      • They are not aware that the cold weather has created a slick surface in the shade of a toolbox.
      • We get out and shuffle cautiously on the slick surface.

    • 2.2(glossy)

      (hair) lacio y brillante


  • 1

    (smooth patch)
    superficie resbaladiza femenino
    oil slick marea negra femenino
    • There was an oily slick on top and far too many noodles, flabbily over - cooked.
    • Then soften the effect with a creamlike slick of olive oil and slip in a surprise bomb of pale lychee fruit, all insinuating sweetness and perfume.
    • A strong, glossy slick of Serra cheese was similar to Vacherin and the marinated sea bass was sharp and fresh and ceviche-like.
    • This food comes minus the usual slicks of oil and unnatural colourings.
    • She insists I try the sorbet made from her favourite Meyer lemons and then the vanilla panna cotta with slices of kumquat in a slick of sweet local honey.
    • Blot the whole lip area again and top with a slick of gloss.
    • The sky was criss-crossed with vapour trails, and blue but for a dark slick that started from some high heather burning and had spread miles, a dirty line just above the horizon of the North York Moors.
    • Reassuringly the leaves are dressed correctly, by being turned with the slick of creamy sauce in a big stainless steel bowl.
    • A slick of coral larvae encounters pumice (or bottles or other flotsam), and the larvae settle on it as a new home.
    • The days of the innocent slick of lipstick are over since the newest formulations work far better.
    • The soup had the light, creamy texture of melted ice cream and left a pleasing slick of richness down the back of my throat.
    • Impeccably fresh sardines cooked in pancetta do not need a slick of oil seeping from a curiously flavourless salsa verde.
    • If you do feel your blood pressure starting to rise, simply slap on a slick of stress-relieving peppermint oil lip gloss.
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    Deporte Automóviles
    neumático sin dibujo masculino
    • It's never much fun driving over snow or ice on slicks, although I have gained a lot of experience and confidence in this sort of situation.
    • The tires lacked the grip levels of the formerly used slicks, giving the machines ‘twitchy’ handling manners and making them extremely tricky and volatile to drive.
    • This produced frantic activity on the grid as drivers decided whether to stay with wet tyres or change to slicks.
    • I went to the back of the car and looked at the slicks with great concern and said, ‘Yep, they look pretty good to me.’
    • He didn't have much time in the car before the race and going out on slicks in those conditions was a real test,’ reckoned Lockie.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to slick one's hair down alisarse el pelo
    • his sleek, slicked-back hair su pelo lacio y brillante peinado hacia atrás
    • His black greased hair was slicked back and his eyes held black orbs staring angrily at the man in front of him.
    • Her straight chin length black hair was slicked back with water, and ended at the back of her neck.
    • His hair was slicked back with gel, too much gel.
    • His chestnut hair was slicked back, away from his face.
    • His wavy silver hair was slicked back to better reveal his large and luminescent round blue eyes, which were at the moment centered on Katrina.
    • Then I slick my hair back and jump in the car waiting outside my apartment.
    • His hair was cutely slicked back; his eyes were bright and glossy.
    • Those small boys still under any kind of parental control had pressed shorts and oil slicked hair.
    • He straightened his jacket and slicked his hair back.
    • His hair is slicked back and he wears a golden watch.
    • His hair was slicked back, and he seemed to be busy.
    • I felt my eyes widen as he nervously slicked his hair down.
    • The water had slicked back Jess's hair, exposing the garish black-stitched scar by her left temple.
    • It was the heady days of the late 1980s, the days of sharp suits, slicked back hair and red braces over striped shirts.
    • His hair is slicked back in that obnoxious, macho way.
    • To achieve this very elegant look a gel was applied to the hair and the hair was slicked as close to the head as possible.
    • He walked over to her, goofily slicking his hair back.
    • His hair was slicked back and he was yammering away into a sleek cell phone in Italian.
    • His face is scrubbed, his clothes are ironed and his hair is slicked down.
    • I slicked my hair back again, but this time a little less severely so.