Traducción de slide projector en Español:

slide projector

proyector de diapositivas, n.


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    proyector de diapositivas masculino
    • Having someone wheel in a slide projector, sit it in the middle of the table, and speak over the noise doesn't come across as professional anymore.
    • By this time Hawking's lectures were always delivered via an interpreter, usually a research assistant who would handle the slide projector and present Hawking's prescripted lecture.
    • The sound of so many projectors running simultaneously created a distinct ambience and added to the sense that the show itself was contained within the belly of an immense slide projector.
    • Instead of movement around the board being determined by dice or spinners, a slide projector was used to project numbers and arrows through a one-way mirror onto a wall.
    • I am in the process of securing a carousel slide projector, and it is my fondest hope that such an arcane technological device may help me in my quest for understanding.
    • I remembered the slide projector, the clink-click sound it made when you fed it a picture; I remembered the shivery whoosh of the screen when Dad pulled it from its roll.
    • Merlin handed over the remote for the slide projector.
    • Once there, she seated herself facing away from a theater of spectators as an unloaded slide projector spotlighted her back.
    • It was not within the resources of the study to use an automatically timed slide projector and there was insufficient space in the clinic to use a slide projector and screen.
    • A carrousel slide projector with a built-in timer was used to display the slides for 10 seconds each.
    • We also have a slide projector, so if there's a wedding, we might project photos of the bride and groom onto the balloon.
    • The number of nuclei per embryo was counted from an image projected from the negative using a slide projector.
    • He still spoke softly, and with a shy sincerity, but he seemed more at ease now with the appurtenances of modern technology: with the mike, and with slides and a slide projector besides.
    • From the lectern the lecturer can operate the hall lights and the slide projector, as well as opening or closing the louvered ceiling skylights.
    • But, as the afternoon had progressed, it grew darker and darker outside, until the sky was black and the assistant who was operating the slide projector had to interrupt a presentation to turn half the lights on.
    • A slide projector sat on a cart hooked up to a laptop.
    • After a frantic interval examination, we discovered that it had blown a fuse which, at first, didn't appear to be too much of a problem since I had packed a spare slide projector.