Traducción de slide rule en Español:

slide rule

regla de cálculo, n.


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    regla de cálculo femenino
    • He had learnt some useful skills at the school such as arithmetic, double-entry book keeping and how to use a slide rule.
    • Log tables were used as there were no calculators and indeed, a slide rule was all the fashion.
    • For example, the hand-held electronic calculator quickly ended the slide rule industry.
    • He still had a white-knuckled grip on his slide rule.
    • Hands up all those who did maths using a slide rule?
    • He worked with pencil and paper, as well as a slide rule and a table of logarithms.
    • Oughtred described the slide rule in 1622 but the circular slide rule was not described by him until 1632.
    • This includes a detailed discussion of the use of the slide rule in making calculations governing the adjustment and operation of looms and weaving equipment.
    • For number crunching, in lieu of calculators, he relied on a slide rule, its case battered.
    • The new, more versatile and accurate slide rule with its cursor and easy to read scales had become the favorite of those in technical fields.
    • Rocket man Wernher von Braun called for a new kind of warrior, one armed with a slide rule.
    • An analog calculator designed along the principle of a slide rule, it utilizes logarithmic and inverse logarithmic scales to quickly provide you with the correct firing solution.
    • On a scorching summer day earlier this year, Beijing engineer Shan Tao doesn't need a slide rule to sort out his overheating equation.
    • The slide rule is one of the newest scientific instruments which has started to become collectable.
    • Renewable energy technology can end utility monopolies and liberate us from a lifetime of paying monthly power bills, rendering utility power as obsolete as the slide rule.
    • I can use rail-dots for ranging if I have to, but then I'm old enough that I can still use a slide rule if I have to.
    • We would then look at it through an instrument that looked, and behaved, like a slide rule, with sliding piece made of smoked glass.
    • It would not have occurred to me until recent years, any more than I would have conceived of portable computers while I was working out trigonometry problems with a slide rule.