Traducción de slimy en Español:


viscoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈslaɪmi//ˈslʌɪmi/

adjetivoslimiest, slimier

  • 1

    (substance/surface) viscoso
    • She pulled her fist back and saw that it was covered in a slimy clear residue of some sort.
    • The cells of rhodophytes are commonly covered by a slimy outer sheath.
    • The floor, tables, and several unlucky humans were covered in slimy green webbing.
    • The windows were cracked and covered in cobwebs, dirt, and various other slimy materials.
    • Consequently, there was a slimy, slippery area right at the entrance to the main operating room.
    • And if you carry the peel with you, you've got to deal with a slippery, slimy wet thing.
    • Mr. Mixson went on to tell me the feral pigs were almost swimming in mud that was covered in slimy green algae.
    • I risked a peek, then hugged the dirt again, mud and slimy leaves rubbing against me.
    • Suddenly a piece of slimy seaweed wraps itself around his leg.
    • She stretched the way that a cat does, edging her pale arms through the slimy, greasy mess we left behind.
    • The view was of a hilly allotment site with sheds and a railway station, and slimy, furrowed mud.
    • The water flows over slimy rock that tilts the wrong way: down to the canyon.
    • She stared at him in a moment of shock, then grabbed handful of slimy mud and shoved it into his face.
    • No swamp should be drained, no stream covered with concrete and turned into a green slimy drain.
    • His skin was patchy and faded, and there seemed to be a faint coating of some sort of slimy gel covering most of his body.
    • The freezing water, oozy and slimy with horse saliva, encompassed her body like a gooey envelope.
    • There are many packets of pumpkin seeds, sticky bottles of flax oil, dehydrating apricots and slimy salad in kitchens up and down the land.
    • She could feel some kind of sticky slimy ooze running through her fingers.
    • There was a twenty foot long trap door that led to a pit filled with muddy, slimy water.
    • The walls of the streamway were covered in slimy mud and the water was dark and cloudy with peat.
  • 2

    (manner/compliment/person) excesivamente obsequioso
    (compliment/manner/person) falso
    (compliment/manner/person) falluto Río de la Plata coloquial
    • This latest daft row is yet another example of the slimy politics which disfigure racing, and there's a lot worse to come.
    • Lars is slippery and slimy, but he still runs into doors sometimes when he's not paying attention.
    • Even though he is not being sacked, it realistically means the end to his slimy crawl up the political ladder.
    • Even by the standards of the Victorians, who had a pretty high tolerance level for toadying, this is slimy stuff.
    • You cut off one slimy social, economic or political head and two grow back in its place.